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Why Is DIY On The Increase?

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One of the few positive aspects to come out of the Pandemic situation has been the increase in the sale of DIY items. Hardware stores and Building Merchants are welcoming the increased sales, after total lockdown. It is no surprise that Online shopping has proven very popular, with safety being at the forefront of our minds during the Covid 19 Pandemic. How wonderful is the option of home delivery, as opposed to standing in long queues, or facing concern over social distancing? Having more time spent at home, with less to do, has presented  the opportunity to see what needs  renovating

DIY or using a Remodeling business is the big question

The forced stay at home, created by the Pandemic, which evolved into many companies adopting the work from home strategy, gave families first-hand knowledge of what could and should be improved upon in their homes. The kitchen is the hub of the home and needs to be spacious, conveniently designed, including the right equipment to maximise functionality.

Cooking was one hobby that could be enjoyed during the lockdown, highlighting the necessity for ample storage and worktop spaces in the kitchen. No doubt research on the choice of using a kitchen remodeling company, as opposed to DIY kitchen remodeling, would have been influenced by several factors. Besides the cost aspect of using a remodeling company, would be the contributing factor that many people who were working from home, have extra time on their hands. The added risk of workmen entering the home during the pandemic would cause others to choose the DIY option.


Make the best choice of DIY Equipment required for remodeling your own home

Cabinet Saw

Our uncertain future and loads of restrictions have propelled a lot of homeowners to feel energised at the prospect of a home project. Nowadays the most wonderful options of power tools and saws are available. DIY enthusiasts will be able to invest in a cabinet saw, to assist with not only remodeling their kitchen but the rest of their house as well.

The Cabinet saw, housed conveniently in a cabinet for neat storage, provides a table to work on whilst cutting the timber. The design of the blade beneath the table enhances the safety of this saw, coupled with an electrical signal carried by the blade, which immediately activates the safety system on contact with the skin, shutting off the power to the motor. 

Owning a Cabinet saw would enable woodworkers and crafters to enjoy using the saw for hobbies after completing the renovation, making the saw purchase really worthwhile.


Commercial Strength Bandsaw

Resawing Bandsaw may sound like a strange term, but to woodworkers and crafters and those wanting to remodel their homes, it is a wonderful, versatile power tool to own. The magic of resawing allows woodworkers to split the wood- creating two thinner panels with the exact same pattern with the grain of the wood. The Resawing Bandsaw cuts a thin layer of wood usually 0.5mm to 2.5mm creating wood veneers used to make furniture and interior decoration. The Resawing Bandsaw creates pieces of wood that are reduced in thickness but still remain the same length and width as the original plank. This power tool will give you versatility in the smooth cutting of straight and curved pieces of wood. The big advantage of using a Resawing Bandsaw is that you can raise the blade to cut larger pieces of wood than what you could cut on a table saw. 


Hybrid Saw

Another power tool you may opt for when selecting which saw is the best for the job - is the Hybrid saw. Hybrid saws are smaller than the Cabinet saw, not as high in voltage and a cheaper option. A Hybrid saw has a cast iron table, and the motor underneath -either partially or fully enclosed. A dust collector is an added bonus when fully enclosed. Surprisingly quiet due to the sturdy box alleviating vibration and giving you a smooth cut, every time.

They are portable - on wheels- not to take to other jobs, but move from one side of the room to the other if required. Smaller than Cabinet Saws they are suitable for the smaller space. This saw has an adjustable fence, for placing the wood against it which aids with cutting. Just like any power tool, you have to take precautions and read the instructions carefully before operating.  


There is nothing quite like completing a DIY project yourself, seeing the transformation and knowing that you have cut costs without getting outside help in. A must, to ensure success is a clear plan, a workable budget and a feasible time frame for completion. Another recommendation is a set of before and after pictures. Home remodeling if well organised can be rewarding, and once completed add value to your home. Whether you choose to replace and modernise kitchen units, add a deck, replace old fashioned bedroom cupboards, or add on a guest wing, there are tools to make it possible. If bricklaying is not in your line of expertise, you could get a contractor to do the addition, leaving you the shell for the finishes, and the fun of selecting which power tools you will need. 



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