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LCD Or LED: Which Is Better And Why?

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In the past times, there were no varieties of Television. However, with a lot of modernisation taking place, different models of TV such as LED and LCD have emerged. LED is the abbreviated form of Liquid Emitting Diode whereas LCD is the abbreviated form of Liquid Crystal Form. It might seem like both the models are similar to each other, but talking about their realistic aspects there are many technical differences between both of them and the differences are very significant to be known to the users particularly if you are one of such people who are confused about which one to buy.

This post is a detailed comparative study between both the modes of TV. Both of them have been compared on different parameters below so that you can choose the right one at ease: 


This is a very important point where both the TV models are different from each other. LCD Television has a thickness of at least an inch but an LED Television is way thinner. The thickness of an LED Television is less than even an inch. So, if you require a Television that has a lesser thickness, you must go for LED Television, and if the thickness is not a factor for you, LCD can also be a good choice. There are different rental plans at which you can rent a TV in Noida, Delhi NCR, Gurgaon, and more sucg places



What can be a better parameter to compare two high priced electronic products? Price is another major factor that differentiates both the TV models. LCD Television can be availed at a lower price than the LED Television. However, the price is also dependent on the size to a great extent. 



It is very important to determine the durability of any electronic product. So, talking about durability, we cannot find major differences between the two. The LCD TV mostly offers the durability of 50,000 hours and in some cases, 100,000 hours, but the LED Television promises you greater durability. 


Picture quality 

Though a lot of people make claims about the LED Television offering a picture quality that is better than the LCD Television, there is no such way to prove this claim. Both the TV models use the same kind of screen because of which it becomes quite difficult to distinguish between both of them considering the aspect of picture quality. 

All the points mentioned above present some notable differences between the LED TV and LCD TV. These points are must to be considered if you are in a state of confusion about making a particular choice between the two. Hence, both the modes of the TV run very smoothly but only if you take proper care of them. As you already know, electronics need a great amount of maintenance and care similar to the furniture in your home. You can get a laptop on rent if you don’t already have one and are not willing to purchase it.



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