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  Why You Need To Regularly Service Your Hybrid Car

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fueling hybrid car

fueling hybrid car

It doesn't take an expert to find out why hybrid cars are becoming more common. There are some advantages of converting to a hybrid vehicle. The fact that these vehicles have a lower environmental footprint, particularly in this age of pollution issues, is perhaps their most compelling selling point.

As drivers become more environmentally aware and pursue a more cost-effective, sustainable, and reliable alternative, hybrid cars are becoming more common. Hybrid automobiles integrate the best of hybrid vehicles with a more conventional gasoline engine.

Hybrid vehicles are becoming more commonplace these days, with a growing number of automakers introducing hybrid models to the market. Since these vehicles are all relatively new to the industry, repairs and servicing can be expensive. You can save money in the long run if you drive a hybrid vehicle and they are more fuel efficient. It's easy to see why so many people are opting for hybrid cars, particularly given the environmental benefits.

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What is a Hybrid Car and How Does It Work?

Simply put, a hybrid vehicle moves by combining at least one electric motor with a gasoline engine, and the mechanism captures energy by regenerative braking. The electric motor does all of the work occasionally, the gas engine does it other times, and they both work together at other times. As a result, less oil is burned, resulting in improved fuel economy. In certain cases, adding electric power will also improve efficiency.

Hybrids have all of the torque and strength of an electric car when taking on the most difficult stretches of the journey. The gas engine kicks in to have a bit more fuel when you need it. This mix saves you money on gas and extends the life of your battery.

 Many people assume that electric vehicles need less maintenance than conventional vehicles, but this is clearly not true. After your warranty term has expired, you will also need to get routine log book maintenance as well as general vehicle servicing if you drive a hybrid.


Hybrid Car Services:

Even if the car has hybrid systems, it's always a good idea to get it serviced on a daily basis. This guarantees that the hybrid runs seamlessly and that any minor faults are detected before they become major issues. The technicians working on your hybrid will perform electrical and mechanical tests to help prolong the life of your vehicle to ensure that it runs efficiently.



When it comes to maintenance, hybrid engines are similar to traditional gasoline-powered vehicles, but there are several differences to include, such as the battery and electric motor. This does not mean that repairing a hybrid car should be prohibitively expensive or ask you to return it to the dealer where you purchased it. In our Newton garage, we are thoroughly trained to repair your hybrid car.

Hybrid cars use the electricity provided by the gasoline engine to recharge the battery, and the regenerative braking mechanism captures additional energy each time the brakes are applied. To maximize the amount of energy produced as well as the system's existence, it's clear that taking care of the engine and braking system is a smart idea. Wheels and Tyres are another area that you can pay careful attention to ensure that you get the most out of your hybrid car.

hybrid super car

hybrid super car

Components of Hybrid Car that need attention:

Hybrid battery health check: While batteries are important in any vehicle, they are especially important in hybrids since they are used to control the vehicle when the gasoline is not being used.  Because of the high humidity in our atmosphere, corrosion at the Hybrid battery terminals is common, lowering battery capacity and charging efficiency. Since the vehicle's Hybrid battery charging program is not running properly due to the lack of proper connectivity at the terminals, this reduces the battery's lifetime. A battery health check ensures that the battery is in good working order, which not only increases hybrid capacity but also reliability.

Coolant inverter check: This helps the mechanic to ensure that the car is free of coolant leakage. Inverter coolant differs from engine coolant in that it is necessary for the inverter to function properly; the inverter converts DC power (such as batteries) into AC power, which drives the electric motor.

Check for brake binding: Hybrid cars use a mechanism known as regenerative braking, which captures the kinetic energy expended during braking and retains it in the hybrid/electric vehicle's battery. Instead of exhausting the vehicle's initial energy source, this accumulated energy is used the next time the car accelerates. Brake binding occurs as the brake pad adheres to the brake itself, causing the car to slow down even when the brake pedal is not depressed. We'll look for possible brake binding and, if it's found, we'll be able to fix the problem.