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10 Things To Include In A Kitchen Mood Board

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Are you building a new kitchen or planning a kitchen renovation? If so, you will want to explore different colours, patterns, features and textures to get the look that best combines your individual style with current kitchen trends. One popular way to do this is to create a mood board, or inspiration board.

What is a Mood Board?

A mood board is a physical or digital collage of ideas that provide a visual taste of how various elements of your kitchen will blend together. In the past we would do this by cutting out images from a magazines and brochures, but thankfully technology allows us to delve deeper and find countless images and possibilities – we are only limited by time and our own imaginations!

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Whilst some people still enjoy the old school approach of printing out images to paste on a piece of card, most people prefer to use an online tool to incorporate the various elements of their dream kitchen into their mood board. Online tools often include searchable images and provide templates to bring everything together in a way that is logical and inspiring.

If you are working with a professional kitchen designer you can use an online tool to collaborate and share ideas about your kitchen renovation Sutherland Shire. A mood board makes it easy to visualise and discuss the project together.



Lacking Imagination for a Kitchen Mood Board?

If you don’t have time, or designing is not your thing, you can always take the easy approach and draw inspiration from one of the thousands of mood boards others have created and shared before you. A simple google search will bring up a host of ideas, and some of them are truly inspirational. If you have a particular kitchen style in mind include that in your search term. Popular mood board searches included coastal kitchen, farmhouse kitchen and Hamptons kitchen.

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Where to Start

For those wanting to dive in and customise your own mood board, there are plenty of free and paid options available to get you started. A simple app search will show you a wide range of options that cater to both professional designers and the DIYer. They are easy to use on your phone. Most have plenty of great content you can add, or allow you to add your own images if you have a specific look or product in mind.

The original, and one of our favourite online mood board creators, is Pinterest, which has been around for almost a decade. We also love Canva, which is easy to use and offers plenty of free templates. Pinterest or Canva are perfect for the home renovator.

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What to Include

Once you have chosen your online platform it is time to explore and get creative - mix and matching the key elements of your new kitchen design. These include:

  1. Colour – perhaps the most important aspect of the project is choosing the shade of colour for your kitchen. Although classic white will always be a favourite, modern kitchen trends are moving away from clinical bright whites in favour of contrasting natural tones and timber accents. For a more sophisticated edge some are opting for black with gold finishes. Popular kitchen colours for 2021-2022 include blues (pastel blue, duck egg blue and navy blue) and greens (sage green and olive green), as well as light greys and nude pinks.
  2. Cupboard doors – there are countless options when it comes to the look of your kitchen cabinet doors, with a variety of designs, textures, materials and colours. Shaker doors for their clean minimalist style offer a contemporary look, flat panels for true simplicity or beaded doors for a touch of country charm.
  3. Benchtops – stone, marble, concrete and timber benchtops are all popular. Stone comes in a variety of colours from black to white and can include specks of quartz or shell to add depth. Lighter timber hues are featuring in many modern kitchern designs and marble remains the staple of sophistication and opulence. Benchtop resurfacing is a great option for the budget conscious kitchen renovator. Adding a square of your chosen benchtop is an essential feature in your mood board.
  4. Floors – tiles, timber, cork, bamboo, polished concrete and vinyl plank are some of the more popular kitchen flooring materials and your choice of floor will definitely appear in your mood board. Vinyl plank is a great alternative to natural timber and dark comes in a wide range of colours from lighter greywash and European oak to darker walnut hues.
  5. Splashback – tiles are a popular and affordable option and can be either understated or add a wow factor. Subway tiles are any easy choice for many renovators, while othes will opt for a more complex patterned tile. Marble or granite resurfacing is a hygienic alternative, while new kitchens are using a window in place of splashback to connect with the outdoors.
  6. Handles – Often overlooked, door handles can make a big impact and tell the story of your kitchen. No handles are an option that many people prefer, however i9f you opt for handles you can opt for simple or select something that makes a statement. Black matt, gold and brushed metal such as pewter, nickel and copper are more popular than traditional silver.
  7. Lighting – pendant lighting is an easy way to express your style and add a pop of colour or interest to your mood board. From rustic rattan for that beachy kitchen feel to industrial pendants for a statement look.
  8. Sink – gone is the old stainless steel double sink, replaced with deep sunken white porcelain, black or copper. A beautiful sink might make an appearance on your board.
  9. Tapware – Like our cupboard handles the tapware you choose can be a really important feature that sets it apart from other kitchens. Gold and brushed metal, as well as black are all on trend.
  10. Appliances and Extras – if you love a funky appliance like matching toaster and kettle in bright colours add it to your board! Stoves are also a favourite if you are opting for something unique and original. You might also want to add a plant or special bowl or artwork for a personal touch!