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Top 7 Reasons Why Your Garage Door Isn’t Working

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automatic garage door

automatic garage door

Wondering why your garage door isn’t working? Don’t panic! Just remember that garage doors might act out just like any other mechanism. What you should’ve done is to get a provider of high quality garage doors. Now, that the garage door isn’t working at all, you might want to get to the roots of it.

There are top 7 reasons that garage doors fail to work further.

1. Photo-Eye is Blocked, Misaligned or Dirty

The purpose of photo-eye is not to close on people, pets or even objects.

This component needs to be aligned and not obstructed by any means. It’s like a safety mechanism but can be one of the reasons for your garage not working properly. The line sight of photo-eye needs to be aligned and can be troubling even if the slightest thin line of a paper gets in between. It automatically halts the movement of the garage door.


2. Your Transmitter Batteries Are Dead!

If you haven’t checked your transmitter battery, now is the time.

They require replacements because battery life is not too long. You need to make a habit of checking batteries in your transmitter and remote. The smallest thing like this can be a huge hurdle in the functioning of your garage door. Changing the batteries is a very simple task that you can do yourself.


3. The Track Is Unaligned

One of the serious issues for your non-functional garage door can be the non-alignment of the track. The metal track that your door runs on needs to be aligned. Otherwise, it just won’t work. If a gap is made between rollers and rail then this is the reason for your garage door for not working.


4. Springs Are Broken

If you are sure that the transmitter isn’t the problem this time. Then, you might have some broken springs. The power is getting to the motor then the second thing to blame is torsion springs. They don’t have a lifetime guarantee. Springs are made for a certain time-span. After the time is over, they will collapse.


5. The Limits Settings Are Wrong

If your garage door closes and opens immediately even when it shouldn’t then you better check the limit setting of your garage door.

If your garage door setting is too high, the door will hit the ground before it should. The limit range tells the door to how far it should move. If it’s too high then the whole mechanism is disturbed. It can even cause severe damages.


6. The Manual Switch Is Disturbed

There is a manual switch to your garage door.  The disconnect switch is made in case you lose the remote or the power is gone. You can easily open or close the door manually. However, if the disconnect switch is not working or disturbed, the garage door acts out.


7. Tension Springs & Cables Are Broken

Tension springs help your garage door to smoothly close down. The gliding runs smoothly with tension springs and cables if they are working properly. But, if they are broken, the gliding of your garage door can be stuck, get slow or even pause.


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