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Care & Upkeep of a Wooden Front Door

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Wooden Front Door Maintenance & Repair Tips

Many times, your Wooden Front Door can be a forgotten part of your deep cleaning list. To keep your wooden front door looking new and lasting for years to come, it is important to regularly clean it. This ensures it not only looks good, but also does not succumb to mildew or rot.

Wooden Front Door

Wooden Doors Pictures

Keeping it clean

Especially in areas with a turbulent climate, your wooden front door will see some weathering and build-up. Giving it a good clean three to four times a year will ensure it looks spick and span for maximum curb appeal.

  1. Remove dust
    Front doors are known for gathering all kinds of debris and dust. To keep your front door clean, you should dust your door approximately once a week, depending on the amount of dust and debris that collects. Depending on the style of your door, as well as what works best for you, you can use a soft, clean, white cloth or a duster. You should also make sure to wipe away all of the cobwebs each week.

    2. Soap and water
    Once you have dusted off all the loose dirt and debris, you are ready to clean the remaining dirt from your door. You can use a soft rag, some warm water, and soap. Wipe your door until all of the dirt and debris is removed. If extra scrubbing is required, be sure to use a non-abrasive brush as this will protect your wood door from unintended scratches.
    You should make sure to open your door and thoroughly clean around the edges because a lot of dirt can accumulate in these areas. Be sure to clean the door frame as well. Finally, you should rinse away any remaining soap with clean, warm water.
    Note: before washing your door, you should note whether the door is painted or stained. If it is painted, you should make sure the cleaning product you choose will not strip the paint.

    3. Steam
    For stubborn stuck on grime, you can use an upright garment steamer. Using the steam feature will help to gently soften and break up hard-to-remove dirt. Once the dirt has softened, you can simply wipe it away with a clean cloth. Additionally, you can use your rag soaked in a solution of warm water and mild soap to remove any remaining dirt.

    4. Dry
    Because wood absorbs moisture, it is very important that, once you have cleaned your door, you allow your door completely dry. You can help your door dry faster by placing a fan on it. However, be sure that the area is clean of debris. If you do not make sure the area is clean, the fan will blow all of the debris onto your front door, requiring you to start all over again.

    5. Polish
    If your door is stained, for a nice finishing touch, you can spray liquid furniture polish or use a furniture wax on your wooden front door to give a nice, clean glow. You should make sure to use a clean soft cloth so that you do not accidentally wipe dirt onto your door or scratch the door.

    6. Fixtures
    By now your front door will be looking good as new. However, you should be sure to clean the fixtures, too. In addition to the germs that end up on the doorknob, there is nothing worse than dull fixtures on a newly cleaned front door.
    Ongoing maintenance

Caring for your front door goes beyond just cleaning, there are other processes that ensure its tip-top shape, while also improving its longevity.

1. Oil

To maintain your door, you should choose an oil that is comprised of linseed. You should take into account that it will take a bit longer to dry than other oils. However, drying time aside, it is the best choice when protecting the health of the wood over a long time period of time.

2. Sun protection

Wooden Front Door

Wooden Front Door

If your front door experiences a lot of sun, you will need to ensure that is protected. The most effective way to protect your door is to use a varnish that contains UV-blocking ingredients.

If your door was not finished with UV-blocking paint or stain, you should consider sanding it and refinishing it with a stain or paint that contains UV-blocking ingredients. Make sure to choose a paint or stain that matches your original door color. In addition to sun-damage protection, this type of finish will also provide protection against the damage caused by rain, snow, and humidity.

3. Paint/stain

Wooden Front Door

Wooden Front Door Maintenance

Another important step in maintaining your front door is to re-stain or repaint your door when needed. You should periodically look for fading, chipping, and dulling. If you notice any of these signs of wear, it is time to stain or paint your door. You should make sure to purchase a stain or paint that is designed specifically for exterior doors.

If your door is painted, you should consider purchasing a semi-gloss or high gloss finish as these types of finishes are much easier to clean. Conversely, satin and flat paints are not meant for high traffic areas that require frequent cleaning. They are much harder to clean and will easily show fingerprints.

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