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Would Sliding Windows Be A Good Pick For Energy Efficiency?

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When shopping for new windows, the first concern for many homeowners in Canada is energy efficiency. And for a good reason. New energy-efficient units allow you to cut down on energy bills, increase your house's overall thermal performance, and even boost the property value in case you want to sell it in the future.

However, to get the most out of your new units, it is necessary to pick the right window style. And while there are many decent options, experts consider Ecoline sliding windows among the best to bring maximum energy efficiency. Interested why? Want to learn everything in detail? Keep reading!

Are sliding windows energy efficient? 

The short answer is yes. If you pick Energy Star-rated sliders, you are sure to get windows that will bring you extra savings and ensure the energy efficiency of your house increases. But at what degree? And is this window style the best for energy efficiency? 

Well, what matters here the most is the glass your window has. And the critical thing you are after when it comes to glass is heat transfer. The glazing acts as a barrier between the weather outdoors and the warmth you want (and pay for!) indoors.

Sliding windows are great with energy efficiency since the glass is Low-E coated, meaning that it reflects the infrared light and reduces heat transfer. 

Moreover, the next thing to consider is the number of panes you want your sliders to be equipped with - double or triple glazing. You have probably heard of double-paned windows – they usually reflect twice as much heat back into the house on cold winter days, but triple glazing reflects even more – three times as much. 

If you pick layered glass, the space between the panes will be filled with 98.8% Krypton (or Argon) gas. The main aim of the gas is to insulate the air between the panes and prevent heat transfer in order to ensure your home is even more comfortable. 

What are the best rooms to install sliding windows?

Well, the best part of sliders is their versatility. This means you can go with these units almost for any room. Of course, if your rough opening allows. But usually, homeowners prefer to install these windows for:

  • Places where proper ventilation is a big concern

Sliding windows are operated both left and right and are ideal for spaces where you want to ensure optimal ventilation. This means the units are a standard option for laundry rooms, basements, bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. 

  • Hard to reach areas

Sliders (or gliders) are pretty easy to operate with slight effort. So these windows are also exceptional for areas where you need ventilation, but the unit is a bit harder to reach. In comparison, other window styles like hung windows might need additional furniture to reach specific locations. Thus they may not be the most suitable option.

  • Horizontally-oriented spaces

If your rough opening looks more horizontally than vertically, sliding windows will fit in perfectly. This will also help to maximize the view outdoors due to the huge glass area.

Sliding windows - pros and cons explained

If you have decided that sliding windows are what you have been looking for to complement your house exterior and ensure maximum energy efficiency - that is great. But you might be curious what are the main pros and cons of sliding windows. Let us explain.


  • Size. Gliding windows tend to be larger than, for example, double-hung windows. This ensures much natural light and optimal ventilation.
  • Energy Efficiency. Sliding windows are generally one of the most energy-efficient options if you consider operable windows. The units have fewer moving parts, meaning the air leakage level is less. If you live in zones with harsh weather, this can help you to cut down on energy bills and bring extra comfort.
  • Operation. Everything is pretty simple here. You do not need to put in much effort to open and close the window, so sliders are perfect for hard-to-reach places and are generally more convenient if you have kids.


  • Maintenance. You are likely to have frequent maintenance issues, cleaning the tracks, which gather debris over time.
  • Cost. Even though sliding windows are not the most expensive units, quality windows will still not be a cheap option.
  • Hardware. You would need to pay more to get quality hardware to ensure better security for gliders.

Sliding vs Casement vs Hung Windows – What is Better? 

There is no definite answer as to which windows are better since every unit comes in handy for different purposes, homeowners preferences and areas within your home.

Choose sliding windows if you seek:

  • A mix of aesthetics with high energy efficiency properties
  • Optimal ventilation
  • Easy operation and unobstructed views outside

Pick casement windows if you want:

  • The best energy efficiency properties
  • High security
  • A traditional touch to your house exterior

Go with the hung windows if:

  • You seek standard easy maintenance windows
  • You are short on budget
  • You want good ventilation 
  • Conclusion

Sliding vs Casement vs Hung Windows – Prices Breakdown? 

The first thing you should know here is that any window replacement won't be cheap. New and quality windows will serve you for at least 25 years, boosting the thermal performance of your property and its aesthetics, so be ready to pay for quality products. The table below represents the price range for the most popular window styles in Canada.


Sliding Window

Casement Window

Single-Hung Window


$394 - $1057

$535 - $1,022



$394 - $1033

$446 - $1,032

$95 - $1500


$437 - $1521

$444 - $1193

$587 - $2115

Bonus room

$820 - $1248

$676 - $1134

$634 - $1374

Dining room

$669 - $1957

$550 - $1348

$529 - $1466

Family room

$490 - $1131

$605 - $1999

$569 - $1155


$465 - $778

$858 - $1999

$500 - $854


$785 - $968

$583 - $1014

$510 - $925


$391 - $1085


$588 - $732


$394 - $1595

$329 - $1356

$445 - $1595

Living room

$433 - $2327

$484 - $1614

$429 - $1614

Master bedroom

$452 - $1810

$545 - $1304



$658 - $1142

$549 - $1149

$473 - $1186

Source: https://www.ecolinewindows.ca/window-styles/sliding-windows/

The Bottom Line

Sliding windows are great units. And if you choose them when doing your house renovation - that would be definitely a great pick in terms of energy efficiency, aesthetics, comfort and peace of mind. These windows might not be the top 1 units in terms of energy efficiency (they are second after casements), but they will make sure you pay much less for your upcoming energy bills.





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