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You Bet! You Wouldn’t Want To Overlook These Appliance Maintenance Task

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appliance repair

appliance repair

The points emphasized below may not ring a bell when you think of home maintenance. However, overlooking them may prove to be detrimental to your financial health.

You would likely have a home maintenance checklist, for instance, replacing the Air Conditioner filters, cleaning the gutters or faucets, etc. It's always good to have figured out some maintenance tasks and fiddle with your appliances every now and avoid breakdowns. However, there are a few things which you are not acquainted with, and this indifference of yours could cost you a bomb.

Regulate Water Pressure in Machines 

There was a case of water softener installer breaking down now and then, and the homeowner replaced the installer every time it broke. Thanks to the scientific temper of a man who investigated the matter in-depth and went for a water pressure test. The test showed a pressure of 110 lbs. It was because the water-pressure-reducing valve wasn't working correctly, and its replacement led to the curbing down of water pressure up to 75lbs. Usually, pressure-reducing valves are found in the vicinity of the shutoff valve.  

High water pressure can do a lot of collateral damage. It will not only cause considerable damage to water lines but also to the machines it's fuelling. Changing water-reducing valves is perhaps one of the most overlooked maintenance tasks despite being the most critical one. Pressure gauges aren't challenging to find, and they can be hooked against a nozzle or a faucet. Know what should be the idle pressure for your appliance in use and change the pressure reducing valves accordingly.


Unclogg Refrigerator coils or pay unnecessary repair bills 

Refrigerator coils are either located at the posterior of the fridge or laid out across the bottom. When coils are shrouded with dust and other particles, they run out of breath and can't release the heat. The result is that the compressor will take longer cutoffs, thus soaking up more energy and bearing more load. This will directly impact the durability of your refrigerator.

The coils can be cleaned up with a flexible brush which can press through the cramped up areas. A vacuum cleaner also comes in pretty handy in this situation.


Watch out for the Mice Nets 

Mice can potentially reach anywhere. They can litter around the engine of your car, damaging the fuel injection lines or maybe chewing up the electronic control unit. They winter in A.C vents causing short circuits and can blow up ventilation ducts. Honestly, there are only a handful of places in your home which are free from the curse of mice.

If your appliances have been left unattended for a while and are sitting pretty in an abandoned corner of your home, you need to check for mice tests before starting them up. You would find on inspecting that the mice have swooshed through the device's inner compartment and have caused a mesh of half-cut wires. The derailed circuit could even lead to the blowing up of your device. 

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