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5 Awesome Commercial Office Design Ideas To Update Your Workspace | Quick Decor Ideas

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Trendy Commercial Office Design

Office Design

Lists Of Trendy Commercial Office Design To Update Your Workspace

Trendy Commercial Office Design office space may not feel like the most exciting design project in the world. In the past offices all looked very standard and it wasn’t really a place that you saw much creativity going on in terms of interior decorating and designs. This isn’t the case any longer, however. There are plenty of offices that are both functional and designed to look phenomenal. Offices that look appealing and inviting make employees feel better and work more efficiently. Most working environments nowadays have very reasonable coworking prices in Dallas, where you can find an office suitable for you on a budget. Whether you need a furnished or unfurnished space, there are many places available that will fit just what you need

Changing your office’s look can be as simple as bringing in some new office furniture but there are also bigger changes you can make as well. What once stayed drab and basic looking can be upgraded to look like a place that your employees want to be, and your customers love seeing. All you need to make that change is a little inspiration to get you going. 

If you haven’t considered the possibilities of what your office could look like if you chose to update its design you might be surprised at your options. Office furniture, walls, and even converting some desks to encourage your workers to stand more are all upgradable options. Here are five awesome commercial office design ideas you can use to spruce things up.

1. Update Your Office Furniture

Office furniture can be functional and still look great too. There are a lot of options out there that weren’t available 10 or 15 years ago. If you haven’t been looking for office furniture or you’ve been getting by with hand-me-downs from other offices, it’s time to see what’s out there. 

You can find great new chairs, awesome desks (standing desks are super trendy), and other new ways to update your office’s look. Since furniture is pretty low on the effort scale as far as redesigning something goes, it’s a great place to start. You can choose furniture that will complement your office’s current look and feel or choose furniture that will fit in with a new overall look. 

There are tons of options out there so you might have to spend a day or two narrowing down what you really want. Once you get some new fresh furniture in your office you might find you’re inspired to keep going with the updated look and take on another new project. If you're looking for a private office that's already fully furnished, contact Execu-Suites to find out more.

2. Go Bold On Your Walls 

Trendy Commercial Office Design

Office Design Ideas

Think of what possibilities you have with walls that are currently a very basic color. Geometric designs and vibrant colors can make your office look more alive. Think of colors in your logo, your brand designs, or ask your employees for ideas that will make them love where they work. You aren’t left out of this if you’re leasing a space that won’t let you paint the walls either. 

Source your local artists for some large canvas works that you can hang on the walls instead. You can still go bold and bring in the same amount of excitement and new life to your office without the permanence of painting your walls. Local artists often love to be featured in offices around their living area too. 

Walls are one of the biggest ways you can update how your office looks. Go bold and make some exciting choices. The chance to invigorate everyone visiting your building will be evident when the painting project is over (or the artwork has been put up) so trust the process and go big.

3. Play With The Lighting

Trendy Commercial Office Design


Your office doesn’t have to rely solely on the overhead lighting to get by. If the lighting in your office makes things feel kind of cold and impersonal you can warm up the space by adding in touches of more home-like decor with lighting choices like floor lamps. Playing with the lighting can really warm the space up and make it feel more inviting. 

When you’re trying out this idea you’ll want to think about the types of lighting you find in non-commercial settings. Floor lamps aren’t your only option but they’re a great one that doesn’t require much in the way of commitment. If you try a floor lamp and decide you don’t like the idea of adding in extra lighting all you have to do is take the lamp out of the building. 

4. Add Some Plants

Trendy Commercial Office Design


Plants have a way of really making an office (or any space for that matter) feel more calming and lush. They’re also another way to make your office look more trendy and put together without spending a lot of money or time on the idea. You can place plants around the office and move them until you like where they’re at. 

You don’t even have to get real plants to reap the benefits of this particular idea. A lot of fake plants look extremely real now and they won’t require you to remember to water them every day. Just like with the floor lamp idea, if you decide plants just aren’t a great fit for your office building you can take them out with ease. There’s a lot to be said for bringing a little of the outdoors into your workspace.

5. Go A Little Glam

A glamorous look doesn’t have to be excluded from your office building. Think about ways you can bring a little drama and glam to your office. You probably don’t want the whole office to be dramatic but areas, where there’s a lot of traffic, are a good option. Think about any space your customers might spend time waiting for you. Those are prime spots to glam up. 

You can use more dramatic artwork or paint in that area. Jewel tones are known to look especially glamorous when used correctly. You can also upgrade the furniture in that area to more plush seating, and add in things that you’d find in other settings like an area rug to bring the whole look together. 


Updating the look of your office to incorporate some trendy looks really can make a difference in how much you enjoy your workspace. You don’t have to use every design idea out there but you should think about what will work for you. The redesign might take a lot of effort, depending on what you choose to do, but when you love your results you’ll be thrilled you decided to change things up.