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AC Repair Experts In Phoenix

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man repairing air conditioner

man repairing air conditioner

Phoenix summers can get unbearably hot, with temperatures sometimes going above 115 degrees. Hence, you will need a functioning AC to keep you cool.

If your AC is faulty and you are thinking of fixing your air conditioner locally, these top ten AC repair experts in Phoenix, Arizona, will handle all your air conditioning emergencies.

American Home Water and Air

American Home Water and Air (AHWA) is the best air conditioning repair expert for fixing your AC locally (in Phoenix, Arizona). AHWA focuses on air filtration, maintenance, repair, and installation of air conditioning systems.

The company has a reputation for being affordable, making it the best choice if you're looking for high-quality AC Repair in Phoenix, AZ, and if you're on a tight budget. AHWA offers repair services for all types or brands of air conditioners.

They offer round-the-clock service and no matter the time, ring them up. They provide prompt and reliable services. Their experienced staff is always ready to diagnose and repair all your HVAC issues.

AHWA has established itself as a reliable contractor for AC Repair in Phoenix, AZ. They are trustworthy and fair in all their dealings. They won't put their reputation on the line by charging unnecessary fees. If it's a simple issue you have, then that's what they will tell you.

So, you can trust them with all types of air conditioning repair for your AC (both simple and complex), routine maintenance, and all AC installation services in Phoenix, Arizona.


A/C & Refrigeration

This Residential and commercial HVAC air conditioning Company in Phoenix, AZ, offers preventive maintenance, installation, fabrication, and conversion of Air to water services.


A/C Doctors

A/C Doctors is a family-owned company with experience in air conditioning systems for homes and businesses. Their technicians can install AC and heating systems from leading brands and provide home air purification, ultraviolet lights, and air scrubbing services.


ABC Air Conditioning

This company's technicians have the latest tools to troubleshoot air conditioning repair and install and replace faulty AC systems. The company has employees who sell and install air handlers, thermostats, and furnaces.


Andrew's Inc.

Andrew's Inc. is an AC Repair Phoenix, AZ, company that offers heating and air services to businesses and residential customers. They provide air conditioning repairs and preventative maintenance and as well install new systems for proper home air conditioning.


Comfort One Air Conditioning LLC

Comfort One Air Conditioning LLC is a family-operated AC Repair Phoenix, AZ, business that provides air conditioning services to residential homes and commercial customers, including heating and cooling repair, AC installations, indoor air quality testing, and indoor air pollution solutions.


Integrity Air Conditioning

The company offers Air Conditioning Repair and installation, heating, and maintenance services to customers in Phoenix, AZ. They also provide heat pump and furnace installation, mini-split, indoor air quality system, ductwork, thermostat installation, and maintenance.


Penguin Air & Plumbing

Penguin Air is a locally owned and operated residential air conditioning, heating, plumbing, and electrical. The company provides AC Repair in Phoenix, AZ. Its services also include the installation and maintenance of air conditioning in homes and businesses.


Pro Solutions Air

The company provides Air Conditioning Repair services to the residents of Phoenix, AZ. Pro Solutions Air Installs and repairs solar and electric systems. They have professional technicians working on air conditioning systems, furnaces, duct cleaning, and maintenance, including pool heater services.


Valley's Best Heating & Air Conditioning

Another Air  Conditioning Repair company offering exceptional HVAC services to its clients is Valley's Best Heating & Air Conditioning.  The company has been in the market for more than 60 years and repairs and installs different brands and models of AC units for both businesses and residential homes in the area.


Pitzer's One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating

Pitzer's has a team of qualified and skilled AC repair technicians offering HVAC services to homeowners and residents in Phoenix, AZ. They provide emergency AC repair-related services like irregular cycling, inadequate airflow, malfunctioning, and automatic power shutdowns.


North Valley Mechanical

The family-owned HVAC installation, repair, and Maintenance Company offers residential and commercial homestead customers in Phoenix, AZ, and the surrounding areas. It also provides solar energy systems and provides financing options to loyal clients.


Health's Air

Health's Air is an HVAC-established company offering repair services of AC product brands like Carrier, Trane, and Goodman. In addition, they provide emergency services to homesteads and their commercial customers. Health's Air specializes in AC repair, maintaining, and installing air conditioning and heating systems.


Green ID

Green ID is another HVAC expert that has been offering AC Repair in Phoenix, AZ, for several years. The company has been using its highly trained technicians to offer HVAC maintenance and repair services and professional energy audits for its clients to reduce additional monthly energy costs.


Delta Home Services

Delta Home Services is a family-owned full-service HVAC company providing Air Conditioning repair, maintenance, and other AC services in Phoenix, AZ.  The company offers financing options for giant projects and specializes in AC installation and maintenance, air conditioning systems, furnaces, heat pumps, boilers, and steam boilers. They also provide additional electrical, sealing, and duct cleaning services.



How do I know I need to contact an AC repair technician?

Faulty AC can wreck your day and mood. But before contacting an Air Conditioning Repair expert, first, take the following troubleshooting steps.

  • Check all your circuit breakers and fuses and ensure the AC circuit is on by flipping it back if it is off mode.
  • Check your filters and if you find them dirty, consider replacing them and turning on your AC again.
  • Try checking if anything is blocking the airflow coming to the AC unit and removing the AC to work properly.
  • Check your thermostat to ensure it's on, set correctly, the batteries are good, and the screen is not showing blank.
  • Check your furnace to ensure it's switched on for your AC to work again.

If all the above steps fail, contact an AC repair expert.



Working with local AC repair experts to fix your air conditioner is a great way to prolong its usable lifespan. They'll help you keep it working at maximum efficiency and come to your rescue whenever something goes wrong.







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