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Can Conveyor Belt Be Repaired?

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conveyer belt

conveyer belt

Yes, Rubber conveyor belt can be repaired.

Conveyor belts usually break during high-volume manufacturing runs where downtime isn't available. At this point, acquiring a replacement part belt will cost you hours, if not days, of further downtime until you can begin installing it on your conveyor. Time has huge importance in project completion and no manufacturer wants to delay production for such reasons. We recommend to keep a spare belt in stock to save time, however it isn’t possible every time and may need to go for repairs.

Even the greatest quality conveyor belts might need some repairs to get to a replacement window and avoid a failure, whether you're a repair or engineering manager at a snack food company or oversee conveyor belt repair at a distribution center. It's in the structure of the demanding labor that conveyor systems perform. However, you must know which repair procedures are accessible when a conveyor belt begins to show indications of wear or has a complete breakdown.

Understanding how to repair belts efficiently is a must-have ability for any repair or engineering manager who wants to ensure that their facility can operate at total capacity again.

Fortunately, there are a few tried-and-true conveyor belt repair methods mentioned by this company to get you back up and running in no time.

1. Dutchman (or Saddle)

This approach entails squaring the damaged piece of your belt in both dimensions away from the affected location and removing it.

Once this part (i.e., ten feet) has been removed, a new belt section can be spliced in using a mechanical fastener or vulcanized for food-grade conveyors or metal detector applications.

The following are two critical factors for Dutchmen:

  1. Splices and pulleys should not be in touch at the very same time.
  2. All saddles must be at minimum as broad as your belt (for example, a 60" wide belt ought to have at least a five-foot splice).


2. Cold Cure Repairs

Removing back the damaged area, washing away the contaminants, and then applying the cold cure splice kit, which usually consists of a concrete and filler material, are steps in this process.

Although this process is easy and may be accomplished by untrained workers, the splice must be cured and run in production for several hours.


3. All-Plastic Belts

Most non-plied plastic food-grade belting can be cut and re-spliced.

Contamination is less likely to infiltrate the belt and replicate the failure due to its homogeneous nature. Sparks has trained specialists who are highly proficient in these kinds of belt repairs throughout the country.


4. Modular Belting

Conveyor belt repair on Dura-Lock plastic flexible belting is a breeze because of the design of these belts.

An entire module section can be replaced in minutes by hammering out two rows of pins with hand tools. Your belt will be ready to resume average production as soon as this easy repair is completed.


5. Metal Fasteners

Metal fasteners are quick and straightforward to use for repairing conveyor belts. On the other hand, metal fasteners are significantly less intense, so there is a risk of lacing popping up. This can cut workers, damage products, or even fall off and end up in the manufacturing line, rendering them unfit for food-grade belt repair.

Metal fasteners are an excellent backup restoration option for non-food-grade belts, but they should only be used as a temporary fix until the belt can be replaced. Metal fasteners are not intended to be used as a permanent solution due to their hazards to belt safety and reliability.


Final Words

The repair mentioned above is not intended to substitute for purchasing a new belt, even if it may appear more enticing to maintenance staff than spending money on a new belt. However, the preceding solutions are best employed as a substitute until you can locate a convenient time to replace the belt.

Repair of conveyor belts is a complicated but necessary aspect of any high-efficiency plant.







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