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20 Awesome And Practical DIY Home Decor Hacks You Need To Try

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Girl hanging a frame on a gray wall, sun light

Girl hanging a frame on a gray wall, sun light

If you have been struggling with storage space, organization, or just a corner of your home that needs upgrading, 'now' is a better time to get some do it yourself (DIY) projects done.

Some may also have a blank wall staring back at you begging for a gallery to be put up, or, even a cluttered living room that needs a revamp. 

Why wait, when you can start today with the help of these 20 awesome and practical DIY home décor hacks.

Key Cabinet

At some point in time, we all get tired of losing our keys and waste time looking for them in every nook of the house. By having an entryway cabinet dedicated to keys, the important keys will always be hung up and ready to use.


Shoe Rack 

In case you need a shoe rack to arrange new pairs of shoes, an old ladder can stand a chance to be the perfect rack. You can simply put it in its desired spot with no transformation required.


No Vase for your flowers?

Get creative by turning your cute unused teapots into vases. Since teapots come in chubby and lovely shapes, their cuteness allows them to be used as a vase for your favorite flowers. It is also a very easy DIY home décor idea where in which you can simply add it to your coffee or side table to draw an attraction to your décor.


Do you have an iron board?

If you have an unused vintage ironing board, this DIY home décor idea is perfect to put into use. Use the board as a side table in your living or dining area. You can store little curios or if you love art, a few art frames can be placed on the board.


Curtain Tie-backs

If you are looking to add a glamorous touch to your living room, this DIY rustic home décor is attention-worthy. Old necklaces that you no longer have a liking too can be transformed into tie-backs for your curtains.


Give Your Curtains A Rustic Look

Jute ropes used as an interior décor will give a nautical touch to your living room. Use these ropes to hang your curtains or simply make use of them as a tie-back. This modern DIY home décor will surely make your guests' eyes pop.


Upgrade your lampshade

Gone are the days where plain and boring lampshades took one's breath away. Today, a lot of homes are welcoming printed lampshades that are quite expensive in the market. To not burn a hole in your pocket, you can upgrade your lampshade with this simple and easy DIY home décor trick. You can either use your talent and paint a picture on the lampshade or you can opt to cover it with gift wrapping paper or wallpaper to give your lampshade a new look.


Be Penny-wise

If you have a collection of pennies lying around the house, let us tell you how you can put them to use if you're not planning to use them as currency. Use the pennies to decorate accessories like plain vases. You can also make an elaborate project such as a penny counter!


Decorate your headboard

This creative DIY home décor is an easy task. If you have a plain boring headboard, drape a piece of fabric on it, which can be either be a scarf or a throw blanket. 


Pom-pom rugs

If you are looking at creative and funky décor, you can simply DIY. Use your imagination to make a pom-pom rug that can be used to decorate the entryway or the bathroom. 


Get Your Router a Sleeve

Routers are not usually designed to look elegant. This DIY home décor idea can conceal your ugly router that is placed on the shelf or desk. Hide the device in a hollowed-out book so that it blends in perfectly with the rest of the objects on the shelf.


Hanging bookshelves

If you want to add a touch of rustic decor to your floating bookshelves, hang your bookshelf with the help of jute ropes. This Diy home décor idea is most used in modern mid-century homes.


Theme door décor 

Add some character and charm to your screen door by decorating it with embroidery floss. There are a lot of interesting designs and patterns you can try.  Focus on a theme that would match your home décor.


Hide those switchboards

Switchplates and outlets don't help get a seamless look for your walls. If you are deciding to wallpaper the wall, conceal the plates to match the surrounding. This easy DIY home décor will add a new look to your interiors.


Dinnerware Display

If you have a good amount of pretty dinnerware, it needs to be displayed, so try this DIY home décor idea –  convert a wooden ladder into a cabinet with a few added shelves if needed.


Taped Framed

Try this simple and easy Diy home décor to bring in a classic look to your living room. All you need to do is place the picture on the wall and frame them with tape.


Use tape to enhance your home décor

Decorate one side of the wall in any of the rooms with the help of washi tape. You can either make a design or a pattern for the entire wall or just stick to small individual decorations in key places. 


Dark Lampshade beauty

If you have one or more dark lampshades in your bedroom, try out this very creative DIY home décor idea. All you need to do is make a design by poking holes in the lampshade. The result will be whimsical at night when the lamp is turned on.


Spray Paint your Hangers

Use this DIY home décor to beautify your hangers and make them look chic. You can either opt for one color or paint them in different colors to help organize your clothes.


Give your Fireplace a new look

 Fill the fireplace with candles to create an interesting and romantic display. This DIY home décor tip is useful for you to make note of if you have a non-working fireplace in your home.


These simple DIY home décor ideas will surely turn your rooms into a welcoming ambiance for your guests. 



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