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Every Area Of Your Home Is A Part Of The Whole: 5 Basement Finishing Tips

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Basement Finishing Tips

Basement Finishing Tips


The basements in most Atlanta homes can become comfortable living spaces that increase property values even when they are currently damp storage areas. In fact, if homeowners are not getting the most out of their basements, they are wasting a huge amount of space and could be missing a chance to make homes more energy-efficient.

Remodeling a basement is a great way to add a guest or recreation room and make it easier to sell a home. An experienced remodeling contractor can resolve common problems associated with the projects and ensure owners get the results they want. If you plan to finish a basement, consider working with a contractor who specializes in "green" projects. Before any type of renovation can begin, it will be necessary to create a budget, ensure the basement is waterproofed, and decide on an overall design and lighting concept.


Consider a "Green" Renovation

Remodeling a basement using eco-friendly materials and methods is a chance to make a home more energy-efficient. In fact, this kind of green building and remodeling is now mainstream, making it easy to find a basement finishing company in atlanta that offers earth-friendly options. For example, they might suggest using repurposed flooring materials and installing energy-efficient lighting. Green building is a booming business, so there are a lot of choices.


Make a Workable Budget

It is important to create a realistic budget for your project, and a remodeling contractor can help with that, too. Established professionals are very good at making alterations that give clients what they want without overspending. For instance, choosing an eco-friendly renovation can be budget-friendly because it often involves reusing materials. Regardless of the budget, a basement renovation is a great investment. According to House Beautiful experts, homeowners can expect to recoup 70% of costs when they sell.


Resolve Any Dampness Problems

Basement Finishing Tips

Home Organizing

If a basement has minor leaks, you may be able to repair them yourself and ensure the new space is dry and mold-free. Professionals from This Old House suggest buying a second sump pump in case the original fails. In the case of severe basement dampness or mold problems, it is best to hire waterproofing experts who specialize in getting basements ready for remodeling.


Design the Ideal Space

The fun part of remodeling is designing a finished basement that looks just the way you want it to. A contractor will listen to your ideas, consider the budget, and then typically create 3D renderings that can be altered as needed to get the desired results. It is an opportunity to choose elements like wall and floor finishes, fixtures, electronics, and appliances.


Pay Attention to Lighting

Basement Finishing Tips

Home Decoration With Lighting

Lighting may seem like a footnote in a big project like basement remodeling, but it can make a surprising difference. Remember that a basement naturally tends to be dim, so inadequate lighting can make it less attractive. If the design includes recessed cans, make sure there are plenty of them to avoid dark spots. Again, a contractor will help provide the best solutions.

Renovating a basement is an excellent investment that can increase property values, add living space, and make a home easier to sell. A remodeling contractor can help create a realistic budget, ensure the basement is waterproofed before work begins, and help design the comfortable, well-lighted space you envision. If it is a green renovation, a newly remodeled basement can also make a home more energy-efficient and eco-friendly.







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