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7 Tips To Decreasing The Weight Of Your Hiking Pack

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Decreasing The Weight Of Your Hiking Pack

Decreasing The Weight Of Your Hiking Pack

Couple Hikers With Map In Mountains

Decreasing The Weight Of Your Hiking Pack Hiking is an exhilarating experience. It lets you challenge yourself and discover things about yourself that you never knew before. The more of a challenge, the better the experience. If you want to maximize your experience, it is good that you carry as little luggage with you as possible on your hike. Carrying a heavy hiking pack reduces your pace and will drag you down, preventing you from reaching your destination in a timely manner. If you are aiming to reach your target in record time, then pack as lightly as possible. One of the ways that you can decrease the weight of your pack is by investing in a lightweight tent, napsack, and set of binoculars. Check out this site https://nativecompass.com/best-compact-binoculars/ for light compact binoculars. You can also adhere to these 7 tips to guide you on how to reduce the weight of your hiking pack.


Use a Trash Compactor

Instead of carrying a backpack that will require you to cover it when it rains, you can instead get a bag that has a lining inside. You will not need to carry a cover with such kind of a bag pack, and will reduce some ounces from your gear.


Avoid Carrying too Much Water By Decreasing The Weight Of Your Hiking Pack

Decreasing The Weight Of Your Hiking Pack

Opaque water

Instead of carrying liters of water along the hiking trail, map out your journey early in advance and identify the various water points. Start hydrating hours before the hike so that you only carry enough to the next water source. It is also good to start your hike very early in the morning before the sun is up. You will not need a lot of water then. The less you carry, the lighter your pack will be.


Don’t Duplicate Anything

Pack only the items you need, and don’t duplicate anything. If it is gloves, have only a pair. You also need to dress as lightly as possible, depending on the nature of your trail. The less the better.


Avoid Carrying Cotton Clothing

Cotton soaks up very easily, and get very heavy if it rains. Try and minimize any clothing that has cotton and instead consider light clothes made of synthetic materials. Synthetic materials weigh way less than cotton, and are water-resistant. You not only have light clothes, but you are also protected from getting wet.


Invest in Compact Binoculars

Compact binoculars are particularly light and very effective. You can hang them around your neck instead of having them as part of the backpack. You can get to enjoy the great views without having to worry about the binoculars adding any weight to your luggage.


Use a Weighing Scale

It is good to invest in a weighing scale. Every time before you set out for an expedition, weigh your luggage to see if it is convenient for that particular journey. You can then identify the less useful items and get rid of them to reduce the weight of the pack. Weighing your pack serves as a guideline to what you should get rid of.


Share the Package

Hiking is a group activity. There are items that you can share instead of every member of your team carrying theirs. Instead of everyone in the team carrying sunscreen, you can all share from one tube. Identify more things you can share and divide the load amongst yourselves.



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