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Which Flowers Can You Send to Friends And Family?

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Send Flowers To Friends And Family

“Friends are like flowers; they fill the world with beauty.”

Send Flowers

Send flowers

Isn’t this quote beautiful? Imagine the world without friends, won’t it look like a garden without flowers? Dull and boring, isn’t it? The same is our life without friends and family. They are the precious gems that illuminate our lives and make it more meaningful, just like flowers add fragrance and beauty to the garden. 

You don’t need a reason to give flowers to loved ones, but if in case you are finding one, there are many, from happy moments to sad ones, a single flower or a bouquet can lighten the heart of your friend or enlighten his mood. 

Then why hesitate to give away flowers as a gift to your friends and family. People say gifts should convey some meaning or a message. Every flower has its own meaning and significance. There are some flowers that define love, friendship, and care. And here we have mentioned them. So next time, whenever you send flower bouquet to family or friends, you will know which flower to pick and which not to!

 Send Flowers

1. Roses

Send Flowers


Let’s break the myth, ‘Roses aren’t just meant to show love.’ Yeah! That’s true; roses signify more than just love and passion; it symbolizes desire, enthusiasm, admiration, appreciation, joy, and friendship too. Specially yellow rose, it does particularly signifies the strong bond of friendship. You can incorporate both yellow and orange roses in a bouquet to convey the message of friendship and great bond. The heart-shaped petal of rose defines the soft and delicate relation of friendship and love.


2. Sunflowers

Send Flowers


Why sunflowers? Because they are cheery and long-lasting, just like your friendship. Give your friends sunflower bouquet and show what they mean to you! You can even give them to your family members too. According to Chinese culture, a sunflower brings good luck and fills the home with a sense of safety and fortune. These are the things that you would want both your friends and family have, so next time you go to florist, tell him boldly to make a bouquet of sunflower.


3. Alstroemeria

Send Flowers


Alstroemeria is a flower that represents friendship at its best. You will find alstroemeria in almost every bouquet made specifically as a friendship gift. Do you know? The six petals of this beautiful plant signify the six main elements of friendship - understanding, humour, patience, empathy, commitment, and respect. What can be more assuring for your loved one than getting a bouquet of alstroemeria? Plus, to add more meaning to its beauty, it also symbolizes good fortune and prosperity, just like a sunflower. Gifting this will double-up the love and meaning you want to convey.


4. Chrysanthemum

Send Flowers


There is a statement that you always say to your friends and family, even sometimes you feel like shouting it aloud, and that is, “I will be there for you.” What if we say, don’t just say, express it with your present. Yeah! Chrysanthemum strongly conveys the message of support. It is indeed a special part of a bond of trust, love, and friendship. There is no meaning of having close ones if they can’t support you. So, don’t let your florist skip the chrysanthemum while getting your bouquet ready. Oh, by the way, it has also become the unofficial flower of mother’s day due to the presence of the word ‘mum’ in it. You can gift it to your mother or someone you consider as a motherly figure.


5. Delphinium

Send Flowers


Delphinium, also known as Larkspur, is also one of the best flowers to give to your friends and family. Delphinium is known to bring joy to the home and will look pretty on its own. You can gift it as it is without pairing it with any other flower. It also comes in different colours, like white pink, light blue and blue. Of which, blue is the most common and symbolizes dignity. Other colours signify youth and renewal — intricate delphinium in your bouquet to gift joy and happiness to your loved ones.


Show Gratitude with a Bouquet:

Now, you know which flowers to get for your loved ones, but the challenging thing is getting them delivered to a place at an exact time, in a cost-effective way, and most important, it should be a Fresh Flower Bouquet. For your rescue, there are many services that are providing the cheapest fresh flower delivery online that, too, with quality. What else you need? You can get a bouquet delivered at the doorsteps just in a click. How amazing and relaxing it is!






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