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Best Airless Paint Sprayer

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Best Airless Paint Sprayer

Painting is a very technical and tricky job, as you need to consider a lot of things before you make the final choice of the airless paint sprayer. The best paint sprayer will help you in finishing the project in half the time than using painting tools like brushes or rollers.

The good news is that there is abundance of paint sprayer products in the market, while the bad news is that it would be very difficult to choose the best paint sprayer in the market. For this reason, you can have a look at our guideline as to how to choose the best airless paint sprayer.

 2. How To Choose The Best Airless Paint Sprayer?

If you are wanting to buy the best paint sprayer, then the airless paint sprayer is the best choice. An airless paint sprayer has the capability to spray the paint at higher pressure, as it is powered by the motor.

There are many features that you should look out for when buying an airless paint sprayer.

Are you uncertain regarding what to look out in an airless paint sprayer?

Do not worry! We have detailed the best features of best airless sprayer that must be available in the market. Here are the features you must consider:

a. Power of the Airless Spray Paint

This is one of the most needed feature that you must look out for in the products. Airless paint sprayers are known as powerful sprayers. So, your power requirement depends on what kind of surface you are painting.

If you are intending paint small objects or surfaces, you will not be needing airless paint spray. However, if you are undertaking a huge project, you will be needing a powerful airless paint sprayer. So, you must buy a paint sprayer that has a good power and speed.


b. Volume

Volume is another important factor that you must consider before buying an airless spray paint. Refill can be very time-consuming if you are undertaking a huge project. However, if you want a small and portable paint sprayer, you will have to sacrifice on the volume.

However, still you must never settle for the “less” paint spray. You should at least demand the moderately sized container of the paint sprayer. Volume is an important aspect to consider while buying the best paint sprayer.


c. Adjustable Tips and Pressure

Paint sprayers must have adjustable pressure as it will provide you with flexibility to undertake different types of projects. High pressure means you will be enabled to complete the task in a shorter period of time, while low pressure will allow you paint spray the smaller objects or spaces. Adjustable tips determine the thickness and thinness of the paint sprays, so different adjustable tips must be offered with the product.


d. Plastic or Metal Construction

There are paint sprayers available in the market, which are made of either plastic or metal materials. Plastic material paint sprayer is not a durable option, but its lightweight feature can temp most of you.

If you want to hold a durable and long-lasting product in your hand, you should go for metal construction. Metal construction will also allow you to use the paint-sprayer for the outdoor projects. Metal paint sprayer will also tolerate the wear and tear of the product to a greater extent, giving you much flexibility while you work.


e. Size and the Weight of the Product

The size and the weight of the product really “matter”. It decides where you will use and store the product. A larger size of the product will really disrupt your working mode, making you fatigued early every day. The same case would be experienced with the weight of the product.

However, you must bear in mind that the airless spray painter are powerful tools, so they will be heavy. But, do not go for the heavier tools. You can also go for products that have wheels and the handle – they might be costly products but offer a lot of flexibility and advantage.

So, you should take the product in your hand before you pay for it – it will tell you whether you will be hold it for a great many hours or not.


3. How To Use The Best Airless Paint Sprayer?

Using an airless paint sprayer is not a difficult task. Handling the airless paint sprayer requires a bit of skill and expertise. So, you must learn to operate before you try to paint spray any space.

  1. Switch it on and Off: If you are adjusting the settings on the machine, you must make sure to switch off the electric airless paint sprayer. You must switch on the airless paint sprayer in order to start painting. So, you must learn to switch on and off the machine.

  2. Knob of the Pressure: There must be a knob pressure on the machine, which adjusts the different pressures for the spray painting. The amount of paint spray comes out of your gun, is decided and determined by this knob of pressure.

  3. Paint Filter: All of the airless paint sprays have the filter, which filter out the paint. So, make sure that the airless paint sprayer has a filter inserted. After you are done for the day, you must unscrew the filter, clean it and put it back there. 

  4. Prime Spray Valve: This is an important location that pumps out all the air from the machine, and provides you with the spray paint from your gun. The down position clears any bubbles coming into the paint through the prime tube, while up position sends the paint towards your gun.

  5. Spray Paint: After you have adjusted your settings, it is time to put the prime spray valve to upper position and start spray painting. 



Airless spray painter is one of the great choices to make when you are handling a larger project. However, you need to consider a lot of features before you buy a spray painter such as time, volume, size, weight, adjustable tips, pressure and material of the construction. It is also quite easy to operate the spray painter.






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