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Best Garage Door Openers, Garage Door Lock For Home Safety | How To Be Safe and Secure

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Best Garage Door Openers Lock For Home Safety

Garage doors, since their invention in the early 1920s, are making our lives safer and secure. With the rapid advent of technology, it has managed to revolutionize every aspect of our life, much like giving us electric garages.

Garage doors are becoming safer than ever owing to the technological advancements only. Here are a few ways of how emerging technology is radically improving the garage door system:

Best Garage Door Openers

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1. Safety sensors:

Since the last two decades, it is mandatory for garage doors to have safety sensors. These sensors are responsible for stopping the door from closing if something is crossing or is in the way of infrared beams.

You can place these photo-eyes 2 inches above the ground, on both sides of the garage door. To ensure additional safety, the sensor will start blinking in case of malfunctioning.


2. Access through your phone:

The latest safety advancement in garage doors is the ability to access it through an app on your phone. Now, you don’t have to be near your door to operate it; instead, you can get total access from your smartphone with the help of a qr code.

The app can also send you an instant notification when someone is opening or closing your garage door. It helps to keep a check on any suspicious activity.

Moreover, you can give access to your garage with a delivery person or mechanic without having to share your access code.

Through this app, you can access data about when the door opens and closes, with precise time and date. Here are a few android applications to help you keep a check on your garage door.


3. Vacation locks:

Being on a vacation miles away from your home and the thought of an intruder getting into your garage can surely give you some sleepless nights. If you are frequently out of town on trips, a vacation lock can be an ideal way to put your worries to rest.

It allows the homeowner to restrict the operation of the garage door while they are away. A majority of the garage door service providers offer this service, and you can get in touch with yours to enjoy it.

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4. Rolling code technology:

Garage doors come with a remote, which generates rolling codes. It implies that every time you press the remote button, it will generate a new code. This technology helps to prevent the garage door from getting hacked.

However, in 2015, Samy Kamkar, a security researcher showed how even a toy, when converted into a device, can get access to the codes of electric garage doors and remotes. It can be a problem for you if you are still using the older models of garage doors.

The newer ones are up-to-date and have rolling codes technology, which prevents any kind of hacking. If you look into smart door lock market, there are many technologies you can find related to door and safety.

Best Garage Door Openers

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5. Integrated battery back-ups:

Electric garage doors operate on power, but what will happen in case of a power cut?  If the thought of having your car stuck in the garage during a power cut worries you, then battery back-ups can help you get rid of it.

A majority of electric garage doors come with integrated battery back-up, which can help you get access to your vehicle even when a storm has hampered the power supply. If not that, you can attach a battery separately to the opener itself.


6. Flashlights:

An important way to keep burglars and thieves away from your garage is to have a well-lit house. You can make sure that the area around your garage has enough light by installing lights that activate by motion.

This way, you will never have to keep worrying about leaving the lights on all night or even turning it off each morning. Besides that, the uber-modern and advanced garage door remotes come with an inbuilt flashlight.

It helps you light up your way when you are heading to your car at night. The flashlight comes handy even when you are navigating your way through the garage when it is dark.


7. Door status:

How many times does it happen that even after having left home hours ago, you suddenly ask yourself if you even closed the garage door? If it happens with you too often, fret not for you are not alone.

Plenty of times we do the routine tasks without actually thinking, which makes us question if we even did it in the first place. It can happen very frequently that you miss locking the door or closing the garage.

If that is the case with you, getting a device to know the status of the door can be a god-sent help for you. In this technology, upon the safe closing of the garage, the remote gives a green light and a beeping sound to intimate you that the garage door is closed.

On the other hand, it will flash a red light along with a warning tone to let you know that the garage is still open.


8. Garage timer:

Like every other technological device that comes with a timer, a garage door timer can also make your life convenient. If you are the one who keeps forgetting things, a timer will help you lock the door each time you leave the house.

A good timer will have easy settings to disable the timer when you need it open for longer times. It comes with all the latest models, however, if it is missing, you can get this garage door service later on as well.

Thieves are opportunists who are always on the lookout for open and unsecured garage doors. You can be a step ahead in protecting your garage by adopting these latest advancements.

Although you may try to make these changes yourself, it is better to get in touch with a professional to make your garage safe and secure, without getting involved in an accident.

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