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5 Best Plants Nurseries Online To Buy From In 2022

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#1 TN Nursery

Located in middle Tennessee, the nursery capital of the world sits Cheap Plants Online. We are the premier online source for trees, shrubs, perennials, and any other type of plant life you may need. We have satisfied over 50,000 clients since we opened the online store and over 1,000,000 during our 57 years in the growing nursery industry. Therefore we were voted one online nursery four years in a row.


#2 Online Plant Nursery

A USDA-certified online nursery consists of 3400 growing acres covered in trees, shrubs, ferns, live moss, perennials, and other garden plants. We are entirely family owned and operated and have been since our founder, Roscoe Tate, began the business in 1938. All our plants are freshly dug immediately before shipping to ensure you receive the best quality we offer. We do this because satisfying customers like you has kept our family in business for all these years. Our nursery ships to all states in the country within seven days of receiving your order. If you are pre-ordering for a later project, there is a space on our order page that allows you to specify when you would like the plants delivered.


#3 Tree Nursery Co

Plants from this nursery grace the White House lawn, the Washington Monument, and Arlington National Cemetery in Washington, D.C. We have supplied ornamental plants for the 9/11 Memorial in New York City. For larger customers like this, our policy has always been “volume quantity purchasing no problem.” But our bread and butter have always been the small individual customers like you.


#4 Tennessee Wholesale Nursery

This Nursery has worked hard for our customers but has been a labor of love. Luckily, our family will still be running our Nursery for many years. Please check out the photos below of the Nursery and some of the customers we have supplied.


#5 Wholesale Nursery Company

This Nursery is proud to supply you with the trees and other plants you need to beautify your home at grower-direct prices. Because our Nursery is so large, we can grow large numbers of the same plant simultaneously, whereas a local retailer would only have a small number of the plants you are looking for on hand. They are forced to pass on their shipping costs and mark up the price to make a profit.