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Best Location For Refrigerator Even For Small Area Home | Take care of appliances extension cords

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​Refrigerator Placement Tips? Here Are Some Possible Answers

Home appliances like the refrigerator do come with fire elements within, hence they must be placed in the right way and direction in order to reduce likely fire accidents in the home. The refrigerator can be placed in the kitchen, living room and even the basement, as long as it does not constitute a fire or electrical risk to the occupants of the home. The following places in the home should be considered for placing your refrigerator;

Inside the Kitchen Shelves

Refrigerator Next To The Door

Refrigerator Next To The Door

Modern interior home design has made it possible to have an in-built refrigerator. You can ask your home décor to get your refrigerator integrated into your kitchen cabinet. This option should go very well with your kitchen’s decorum because the appliance will blend in perfectly and will never become too overwhelming for kitchen users.

If you have a rough estimation or budget on how you want to design your kitchen, integrating your refrigerator inside the kitchen cabinet should not be a matter of concern. Integrated refrigerator in the kitchen looks cleaner and classy, you can even get as many cabinets as possible installed around the refrigerator to ensure easier access to dry items. Another benefit of keeping the fridge inside the kitchen shelves is that the extension cords can be carefully hidden from children and your pet. The kitchen shelves must be large enough to accommodate the size of a refrigerator in order to make this placement option work.

Under the Kitchen Stands

Refrigerator under the kitchen stands

Refrigerator under the kitchen stands

If you have a small apartment, perhaps this option may be the most suitable for you. For most studio apartments, there is no separate kitchen area, hence you should avoid wasting more of your precious space and get a huge refrigerator. Consider getting a smaller refrigerator that you can keep under the kitchen stands.

Getting your refrigerator under the kitchen stands will help you keep all kitchen needs in one place, and will also make your little apartment seem more organized, and larger.  In order to place the refrigerator perfectly here, the kitchen stands must be tall enough, except you are using a very small refrigerator. This idea of appliance placement may only be suitable for small apartment users with smaller refrigerators.

At the Intersection



There are many intersections within the home, for instance, you can keep your refrigerator at the intersection between the living room and the dining area, or at the intersection between the dining room and the hallway. This idea is particularly good if you are not interested in having your refrigerator hidden inside the storage units of your kitchen. Upon getting to your kitchen, it will be hard to notice that a refrigerator is standing at an intersection with another area of the home.  This method of placement of the refrigerator will largely depend on how your home is constructed, and there may not

The intersection between the kitchen and the dining is always one of the most perfect places to place the fridge because the appliance will be needed at the kitchen and dining area mostly, hence it makes sense if the appliance is placed halfway to the dining and halfway to the kitchen.

Within the Dining Space

Fridge Within the Dining Space

Fridge Within the Dining Space

The dining space storage of the refrigerator can look ordinary but it will save more space in the long run. If for instance, you have some friends helping you out at a dinner party, people will surely move around the open door of the refrigerator. You should consider a refrigerator placement outside of your kitchen if you want everyone to have easy access to it. You may want to consider a refrigerator that goes very well with your interior décor, including color and Style. Since dining in this area will require lots of access by fridge users, it is quite logical to create a space around this area to create convenient access to the refrigerator always.

In-between Two Storage Spaces

Fridge In-between Two Storage Spaces

Fridge In-between Two Storage Spaces

You may want to consider hiding your refrigerator in-between two storage spaces such as cabinets. Perhaps you should consider the two-door or three-door refrigerator for this purpose so that each door opens toward the storage compartments. This placement option is also ideal for thinner refrigerators or if the space between the two storage compartments is wide enough to accommodate the opening of the door of the fridge. Whatever the case may be, this placement option for the fridge will help you optimize your space very well.

Next to the Door

Place Fridge Next To The Door

Place Fridge Next To The Door

Whether you are placing the refrigerator in the dining area, kitchen or basement, you should consider placing the appliance next to the door. The reason for placing the refrigerator next to the door is that you don’t have to walk into the kitchen or basement entirely to access the appliance. This is particularly ideal to save more space inside the kitchen and improve access to everyone in the home. Placing the refrigerator next to the door will also give you the opportunity to keep the cords away from public access.


There are innovative refrigerators that are designed these days that can make storage a lot easier. For instance, some new refrigerators come with wheels, to ensure that the appliance can be moved from one place to the other. The wheeled refrigerator can be a great option just in case you want to change the placement of your refrigerator more frequently. The refrigerator should always be close to the vicinity with the kitchen and dining place so that everything needed for cooking and eating, including cold water, fruits, veggies, and frozen foods can be easily accessed.

In order to avoid the refrigerator overloading your kitchen especially if you have a smaller kitchen then you should consider the 2 or 3-door refrigerator because they require less space especially when the door is opened. The modern design of two doors or 3 doors will surely fit into your kitchen remodeling plans in the future.  The area around your refrigerator can act as a storage area if you want to save extra space without struggling to place your refrigerator.

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