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The Best Table Saw: Your Guide to the Most Affordable Equipment

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Any person engaging in woodworking for quite a while should know the importance of a table saw. In fact, it’s one of the most coveted equipment in the industry because of its speed, convenience, and affordability. However, the price ranges that it has can be as low as $150 from as high as a $1000

Each price range will give you different kinds of results and benefits. So today, we’ll talk about the best table saw under 300, under 600, and under & over 1000 dollars to help give you a clearer understanding of what to buy. Stay tuned!

Best Table Saw Under 300
DEWALT 10-Inch Table Saw, 16-Inch Rip Capacity (DW745)
3 year warranty
Rip Capacity
20 inch
Most unique feature
Overload protection system
Motor Watts
1850 watts
Best Table Saw Under 300
DEWALT 10-Inch Table Saw, 16-Inch Rip Capacity (DW745)
3 year warranty
Rip Capacity
20 inch
Most unique feature
Overload protection system
Motor Watts
1850 watts

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Why Do You Need a Table Saw?

What you need to know is that the table saw is pretty big. In fact, it’s similar to furniture in size. It's a table with a saw built inside it. It could scare a lot of people since let’s face it; we’re more comfortable handling a portable toon than bigger equipment.

However, that shouldn’t stop you from purchasing and trying one, especially if you plan to be in woodworking for quite some time. Gone are the inconvenient hacksaws and other manual tools that will take you forever to finish your project.

Now, all you need is to plug a table saw and drive the wood right towards the cutting blade. It’s quick, efficient, and more importantly, accurate. What's great about the table saw is that it significantly reduces the chances of human error.

Why Do You Need a Table Saw

As we should know, human error is caused by us because we cannot do it fundamentally. Getting accurate and straight cuts are one of them since our hands are shaky and free.

However, with a table saw, you can secure a board of wood through its components and make a straight cut. It is one of the best things since any handheld tool does not give you the best precision like this does.  

Another thing to note is that this will save you a ton of energy. And by a ton of energy, we mean a lot. Because it’s already a table and saw in one, you won’t need to fuss about clamping it to a work bench. Moreover, you also don’t need to rely on your arms’ strength just to saw a piece of wood.

It’s as simple as 1,2, and 3. Although it’s a lot more expensive compared to traditional tools, the table saw is an essential for serious woodworkers who want to bring out the best of their potential.


Deconstructing the Table Saw

To give you a clearer understanding on the table saw, it’s a good idea to deconstruct its composition and its function. For starters, table saws range in sizes. The sizes depend mainly on the table’s dimensions. The saw itself that’s built-in are pretty much the same.

Wooden Work Table

Hence, depending on how big your projects are, your table saw can be as big as a dining table for four, or it can be smaller, just like a student’s desk. The table doesn’t do much. That’s because it’s designed to be just like a wood working bench that’s big enough to accommodate your woodworking comfortably.

Then, the main trick with the table saw is the blade itself. At the center of the table is the blade. That comes from thin yet ultra-sharp stainless steel. The way it looks is pretty intimidating which may scare off a few people from buying it.

table saw in workshop

The blade is circular, and it greatly resembles that of the one you see in a meat shop. However, one thing to note here is that meat slicers usually don’t have jagged teeth.

The table blade, however, has one. The jagged teeth it has resembles a crocodile’s, and this mainly functions to cut the wood’s grain as smooth as possible.

The saw blade’s height can be adjusted. That gives you versatility when you’re handling wood with different thickness grades. If your wood is thick, you have to crank up the handle upwards to slice through it accordingly. On the other hand, if you’re making slits only, then you can lower the blade to create midpoint cuts.

Saw Blade

Remember, the blade also has parts that help protect you from accidents. One of this is the blade guard, which is like a firm plastic cap that protects your blade and yourself too.

A subpart of the blade guard is the splitter. That rests behind your blade and helps guide the wood in a straight direction during your cutting. It’s an excellent support to prevent the wood from backfiring towards you.

Support Components

Lastly, the table saw comes with a set of complementary components. These are tools that help you achieve better results out of your table saw. One of the first and most noticeable is the rip fence.

The wall acts as a guide to allow your cutting to be straight and precise. It pushes the wood straightly, acting like a sort of T-square in industrial drafting applications. The fence is a great tool to have for cuts going with the grain, more commonly known as a rip cut, thus its name.

Further, you also have the miter gauge with the table saw. The miter gauge, on the other hand, is ideal for cross cuts. These are cuts going against the grain, and you can do horizontally. The miter gauge allows you to align your workpiece to specific degrees, giving it stability as you cut.

Support Components

Finally, you have the push stick. A push rod is a simple tool that allows you to press the workpiece through the blade. That prevents you from sticking your hand close to the blade, giving you optimal safety. Our partners at toolvee has lists of ​best ​jobsite table saw.

Our Top Picks

With Dewalt’s DW745 Compact Job-Site Table Saw, you get a 22kg unit that is easily portable so job sites, unlike other table saws. It has a steel roll cage for extra protection as well as a rack and pinion fence system.

Moreover, its 1850 watt motor and cast table top design make for an accurate and powerful table saw. Buying the standard package would include: the table saw, a carbide saw blade, a miter gauge, parallel fence, push stick and a blade guard.

We like

  • It has features to ensure easier and safer use.
  • It has an overload protection system, fence system, and a quick bevel lock.
  • It is effortless to set up, move and lift, just as advertised.
  • It delivers little to no wobbling.
  • It makes use of quality material with a strong base

We do not like

  • The miter gauge might not be as effective.
  • It might have some slight issues accommodating a bigger dado.

As for Craftsman Evolv Table Saw, it claims to deliver easy to adjust miter gauge, accurate control for tight bevels or corners and an advanced guarding system. The flip On/Off Switch is also easily accessible, perfect for emergencies.

As for the table itself, it provides a stable work surface with adequate support at a comfortable height to ensure you an excellent working experience. But most importantly, Craftsman Evolv offers a one year warranty, in case you encounter issues.

We like

  • It comes with a one year warranty, unlike other brands.
  • The safety features work efficiently and aren’t just for “display.”
  • Its advanced guarding system is very versatile as the unit holds up nicely even when the project is more rigorous than average.
  • It’s both well built and easy to use, even for first timers.

We do not like

  • The stand might not be the best.
  • If you encounter issues with it, you might have to replace it with a different or sturdier one.
  • It might be ideal for hobbyists.
  • It is best with light to average work. It might not be ideal for industrial work.

Bosch’s Worksite Table Saw comes with a Gravity Rise stand and a lot of other important key features. It features a Smart Guard System which is a solid sub-base that comes with carrying handles as well as a SquareLock Rip fence.

As for safety features, it has anti-kickback pawls and a riving knife system. That can help give you more control and security as you work. But most importantly, you are backed up with a one year warranty.

We like

  • As with Craftsman Evolv, Bosch also offers a one year warranty.
  • It is straightforward to store away and takes little space in your workplace.
  • It is also very lightweight and easily portable, making it an excellent choice for people on the go
  • It does the job and is very user-friendly, even for first-time users.

We do not like

  • Its dust collection system might not be the best.
  • You might have minimal issues with the fence.

On the other hand, Skilsaw’s SPT70WT Portable Worm Drive Table Saw has a 25-inch rip capacity. Skilsaw claims to have the first ever brass-geared Worm Drive Table Saw which gives maximum power and torque.

The dual-field motor helps improve cutting speed and engine life. As for its rip fence, it is a self-aligning rip fence that comes with an on-tool storage. Lastly, it is very portable due to its 49 lbs weight and compact design.

We like

  • It’s compelling yet cuts smooth and straight.
  • The rip fence system and top-notch blade allows it to be powerful yet precise when cutting
  • Unlike other brands that have an inefficient miter gauge, Skilsaw’s miter gauge, as well as its bevel and rip fence, will deliver you an excellent work experience.
  • It is very stable, creating little to no vibrations.

We do not like

  • It is not pre-adjusted when taken out of the box.
  • You might have to make the adjustments in the settings, and this can be a bit of a hassle.

Priced just below $2000, Shop Fox’ 10-inch table saw comes with an efficient and durable riving knife. The price may be a bit high, but this is as good as an industrial level table saw can get.

It also features a 3 HP Leeson motor where it gets most of its strong work. The motor is built to last, and will surely saw wood without damaging it. For the accessories, it also comes with solid and rigid cast iron table and wings.

We like

  • Riving knife is solidly build and reliable
  • It features a massive 29.5 inch cutting capacity
  • It comes with a triple belt drive for maximum power and speed.
  • Comes with a series of accessories that you’ll love
  • Some of these are the cam-lock T-square, T-slot miter gauge, heavy cast handwheels, and a dust collection port.

We do not like

  • It might be a little challenging to set up due to the illustrations and instructions in the manual.
  • It’s not best for beginners given that this is an industrial-level machine
  • You might have minor issues with the blade because it is quite difficult to adjust.
  • The blade is particularly heavy due to its build

The Grizzly G0690 cabinet table saw is our last product, coming at a reasonable price for an industrial saw that has great efficiency and power. One of the best things with the Grizzly cabinet table saw is that it’s quite small for a professional tool. However, it packs a punch similar to the Shop Fox.

It’s perfect for those with smaller work spaces. It measures at a reasonable 34 inches in height with a 27 by 40 inch surface once the tables are fully extended. For a tool that has 300 rpm with a cutting capacity of 29.5 inches, the Grizzly is one compact yet powerful machine!

We like

  • Very convenient but does not suffer reduced performance
  • Its heavy cast iron trunnions along with a 3 HP Leeson motor and triple belt drive gives it superior power
  • Strong build because of its capacity to handle the thickest and toughest wood
  • It comes with a razor sharp riving knife with a quick release blade guard for extra safety
  • Efficient fence system
  • It has an easy-glide fence system that’s made possible by knurled knobs which enhances adjusting. It’s also guided by nylon runners.

We do not like

  • It doesn’t have the most stable base
  • While only minor, this can put you off unless you try to stabilize it yourself
  • Base can be scratched easily
  • The bottom part of the machine is not made out of quality metal like the rest of its body

Our Verdict

For Under 300

Among the two, Dewalt might be the better option, especially if you will be using the table saw not just for a hobby. It is very stable pet sturdy and portable enough to be taken to your project site.

For Under 600

Among the two, Bosch can be very much worth your money for under $600. That is most especially because of the warranty offered. However, this aside, Bosch’s table saw is very compact and easily portable yet does not compromise on power.

Over 1000

For the best table saw under 1000 dollars, we’ll give the award to Bosch for their portable job site table saw. But, the table saw is inferior to the Dewalt if we’re talking about the throat plate.

However, for equipment that you can carry, it has the same if not better performance from the two, especially with its Smart Guard and SquareLock rip fence systems.