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What Do You Need To Consider When Buying A Paint Sprayer?

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Tips To Buying A Paint Sprayer

 Buying A Paint Sprayer

How to Choose an HVLP Paint Gun

Find out top crucial factors you need to consider before buying a paint sprayer in our article so that you have the most suitable option today.

No matter what you are going to buy, it is never a simple task to choose the most suitable one, and paint sprayers are not the exception. Getting a good paint sprayer or not has a significant impact on the results of your projects and the entire process as well.

Therefore, you need to understand what are important factors to consider when you choose a paint sprayer. And today we are going to show you what to look for in the best paint sprayer in this article!


What You Need to Look For When Buying A Paint Sprayer

Operation Style

First of all, it is imperative to bear in mind that there are various types of paint sprayers on the market, and each of them offers different requirements. Typically, you can divide all of them into two main categories: airless and compressed air paint sprayers.

For compressed air sprayers, you need external air compressors so that the process can run. Therefore, the sprayer is, in fact, only a gun that has the paint and uses an air hose to connect with the compressor. This kind is more suitable for woodworking, automotive painting, or heavy-duty tasks.

On the other hand, the external air source is unnecessary for airless sprayers. All you need to do is to plug it in and let the work begin. It is a perfect choice to do DIY projects, interior or exterior home tasks, or simply those who are not interested in too much equipment.

Understanding your operation style is the first step to get the right type for you. Otherwise, you may waste too much money on something useless or less efficient.



It is not an element of paint sprayers, but it does have a direct influence on your choice. You should take the project’s location into consideration because some models of air sprayers may not work effectively for indoor tasks.

In some cases, spraying paint exterior or inside your house may lead to several health complications, as paint particles go into the air and you may inhale. Therefore, you need to check the listings before applying any paint indoor to prevent any unwanted problems.

Likewise, the power source is for both kinds of sprayers, so you need to find accessible power outlets where you work. The reach may be different from sprayer to another, but you should prepare to prevent disruption during operation.


Ease of Use

For every tool, ease of use is a critical factor. Not only does it indicate whether the product is suitable for beginners or amateurs, but it also affects users’ safety and their chance to finish the work adequately.

So, what do you need to consider when it comes to ease of use? For paint sprayers, it is about fitting your hand or not. In addition, you can check the weight of the sprayer, which refers to the portability of the product.

Paint containers usually come along with most compressed air sprayers as well as several airless models. They are heavy and demand more hard work. If you are worried that weight may have negative impacts on the precision of your work, you should find models having their own compartment to hold the paint.


Control Level

In general, most painting tasks are about broad coverage (like painting your wall and fence) or fine precision detailing (from staining cabinets to cars). Considering the kind of tasks you are working on is crucial to find out how much control you need to finish them effectively.

Airless sprayers usually provide variable settings that give you a lot of control over things, such as spray fan size to achieve better coverage. You can check its maximum and minimum widths first to ensure that it meets your demands.

Avoid choosing a compressed air sprayer for detailing jobs while what you need is to finish broad coverage painting projects.



Many people do not pay enough attention to this issue, but over time, when the sprayer gets some problems, they start realizing they should have taken care of cleanup more.

Cleaning not only helps your tool last longer but also enable you to finish the job more easily. Anyone wants a tool that is simple to clean, especially when cleaning painting tools is one of the most challenging tasks.

Why? The reason is that your sprayer usually contacts directly with many compounds which lead to solid buildup or change the color quickly.

In case you need to clean the sprayer frequently, for commercial business, you should go for something that supports fast cleaning. Do not forget to check whether they need some special cleaning facilities or not.

For instance, paint cups are the most important part when you clean airless sprayers, and you can clean them in utility sinks.



Paint sprayers usually have limited mobility, compared to other tools that have a cordless choice. You have to connect sprayers to something, such as outlets or another device.

So, if you intend to move a lot, you should consider the cord length and hoses. Most models have up-to-20-feet-long air hoses, so you may not need to move the base.


Extra Features

Last but not least, extra features are available in every tool, in addition to the main purpose. With airless sprayers, it is usually possible to change the spray direction (vertically, circularly, or horizontally) or the spray fan size.

In several cases, you even can switch out its spray nozzles and create different effects.

Compressed air sprayers, on the other hand, have limited controls.


Final Verdict

To sum up, there are many factors to take into consideration before you decide what paint sprayer to buy. Some factors are crucial because they directly affect your work. Do your research before jumping into the market so that you do not waste too much money on something that does not fit your task.

If you have any other experience, do not hesitate to share it with us now!







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