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Do Body Cameras Reduce Violence?

policeman with body camera

Body cameras have become increasingly popular among police forces in recent years, with the promise that they will reduce violence and increase transparency.  To answer this question, we’ll look at relevant studies on their effectiveness, …

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What Is A Water Deionizer?

water deionizer

water deionizerHave you noticed that your bottle of water was purified through reverse osmosis? Perhaps you’ve even seen water that has been distilled. What about deionized? Deionizing water isn’t as common as the other ways …

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Should I Recycle My Car Battery

car battery

Car battery After a few years, it’s time to retire your car battery. Most batteries last about three years, while others may only last two years or may last longer. Because of the toxic elements …

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How To Know If Your Roof Needs Repair


roofIf you’ve been putting off a roof repair for some time now or you’re trying to squeeze one more winter season out of your current roof, you should reconsider your decision. Or at least, you …

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