Bear It All: How Much Weight Can a 2×4 Support?

In most cases, do-it-yourself projects do not go deep into specifics. Usually, you can assess just by how it looks and, if it is sturdy or not.  t the hardware store, someone will probably recommend what kind of wood you should get, based on your project. So how much weight can a 2×4 support, exactly? … Read more

Ridgid vs. DEWALT: What is the Best Value for Money Brand?

If you’ve dabbled in home improvement or construction for a while, you’ve surely seen the brands Ridgid and DEWALT. When they’re both just so respected by consumers, it’s hard to decide which one is better.Today, we will put them side-by-side in our Ridgid vs. DEWALT article and settle this once and for all. Who will … Read more

What is the Best Wood for Table Top: Tips and Hacks

Wooden tables are very durable yet pleasant in appearance. They give a classic vibe to any office or area of the house. Thus, making them a very practical option when interior designing any home or office.However, there are so many different types of wood to choose from. Unfortunately, not all of them are suitable as … Read more