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7 Ways To Clean Your House Like A Pro Housekeeper

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Tips To Clean Your House Like A Pro

Multi-Purpose Glass cleaners

Multi-Purpose Glass cleaners

Cleaning your house and keeping it tidy can be a chore. People often try to take the easy way out, which does not always get the job done properly. Trust us, being lazy is not the way to clean your house.

But if you are smart, you do not need to be working too hard. So, take out your mops and dust wipes, because here are seven ways to clean your house like a pro housekeeper.


Top to bottom left to right

The first step is to have a cleaning pattern. More specifically, you should always move from top to bottom and left to right while cleaning. Going all over the place will only result in frustration as you would miss spots and will not have a good sense of orientation.

Having a specific pattern will help you cover all the nooks and crannies and also set your cleaning goal on the right track.


Dwell Time

How to keep house clean

How to keep house clean

When using cleaning products, people almost always apply it and wipe it. However, that is not the right way to use the product in most cases. You need to let it sit for a certain amount of time; otherwise, it will not work correctly. Reading the instruction at the back of the product will give you an idea of how long you need to wait. Additionally, get in touch with commercial strata cleaning to get help from professionals to get everything cleaned.


Start Gentle

It is essential to start small when using a cleaning product. You are likely to use 2 or 3 products while cleaning, and it is necessary to start with the gentlest one. The main reason behind this is sometimes you do not want to apply the strong solution to every surface, and the gentle one might be able to clean most of your house on its own.


Eye-Level Test



It is common to have some dust or food residue under microwave or a container or whatever it is that you have placed above your counter. While cleaning, we often miss out on these parts.

So, when you are done wiping the counter surface, crouch down and look at the table at an eye-level. This should give you a good view of anything that needs to be cleaned.


The “S” Pattern

The “S” pattern instead of the circular one will help you to step up your cleaning game. When wiping with this pattern, you do not risk getting dirt again at the point you just cleaned. Following the zig-zag pattern ensures that you wipe every inch of the surface without getting any dust on the wiped surface.


Parallel and Perpendicular

Cleaning the surface is only half of the job. You also need to make it look tidy. When you are done cleaning, you need to spend some time tidying up space so that it looks nice. One trick is to set the items against the edge of the counter in a parallel or perpendicular fashion. It will give you a clean and tidy that looks nice.


Take Your Time

The essential thing to remember is that it takes time to clean your house properly. You need to take things slow and be thorough when taking on a cleaning task. There is no point in rushing and missing spots, so take things nice and slow.

Following the above-mentioned tips, you will be on your way to cleaning like a pro in no time.



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