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Common Commercial Kitchen Equipment Required For Your New Business

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Commercial kitchens all follow the same system. They have to cook, prepare and store food correctly; otherwise, it could become unhygienic and unsafe for human consumption. The commercial kitchen equipment they use will depend on what products they are preparing and how much work is involved. 

The following list of types of commercial kitchen equipment is not definitive. Still, it will give an idea as to why certain types of kitchen equipment are needed in a commercial environment: 

  • Cooking range/ovens - These are used to cook food or keep it warm. They can be gas fired, electric, microwave ovens and any combination thereof depending on what is available in the facility. 
  • Grill - Grills are generally used for grilling vegetables like onions or meat like kebabs. The hot metal plate sears the outside while leaving the inside tender and succulent. There can be either one grill plate which is half round shaped or two plates (one flat and one ridged) both connected together to make full contact with whatever is placed thereon . 
  • Industrial stoves - Industrial stoves are those that are used in large quantities. They are built to be resistant to heat, water and wear and tear mainly because they have to work 24/7 to provide for the large number of customers. They come with a flat top which is ideal for cooking food at high temperatures since it can withstand up to 300 degrees Celsius. 
  • Slicers - Slicing machines are great equipment when chopping ingredients is necessary or slicing vegetables or meats. You get perfect slices every time without much effort due to its sharp rotating blades. They come in different sizes depending on how wide the cutting area is so you can cut even sheets of pastry dough. 
  • Potato Peeler - Potato peelers are designed for peeling vegetables like potatoes or carrots in perfect spirals to make them look aesthetically pleasing when served. 
  • Cutting boards - used to prepare ingredients before they go into a pot etc. 
  • Cast Iron Griddle - Used for cutting meat into thin strips before cooking so that it takes the same time to cook as any other meat 
  • Meat Mincer – used to process a whole cut of meat into a minced form ready for cooking. This can be full or half depending on the product being produced and how much work is involved.
  • Baking Equipment – used mainly for making bread, cakes, pastries etc. which are more time consuming and laborious. It also includes ovens, racks etc. 

So as you can see, commercial kitchens use certain types of equipment for different reasons. Still, all can produce high-quality dishes that can be served safely to customers by adhering to health and safety standards. In addition, determining the amount of work involved with cooking will enable commercial kitchens to cook large quantities of food quickly and produce it hygienically, ensuring no contamination that may lead to illness. 

Commercial kitchens have to adhere to hygiene standards and ensure that the food they serve is of good quality. This can be not easy if a specific item takes a long time to cook and requires constant attention, so commercial kitchens need all the help they can get from kitchen equipment. Nevertheless, commercial kitchens provide vital services in our society, and without them would probably struggle massively to deliver their product to the public. 







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