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Six Common Uses When It Comes To Juicer

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Don't know the versatility of juicers? Surprise yourself with the six common uses when it comes to juicer

Is your juicer still within the closet unused as a decorative piece? Dust it off and give it a swirl! Let go of all your stereotypes about the juicer. It is time to perk up the uniqueness with the six common uses when it comes to juicer.

Among culinary items, every home harbour a must-appliance, namely juicer. Who hasn't tasted exclusive fruit or celery juices pulsing in the juicer? I'm sure even you have given a shot to thousands of juice-recipes.

Spice up your daily meal with the six common uses when it comes to juicer:

As a hard-core juice lover, there are no juice recipes that I've not tried. But to my surprise, I discovered a versatile fact about juicers. You will find it astonishing that the use of juicer is not  limited to the making of juices only. There are a lot more you can do with a mere juicer.

Let me amaze you with the six common uses when it comes to juicer:

1. Juices and smoothies

Want a relishing healthy snack? How about having some juices or smoothies with delicious fruits and veggies? You don't have to rush to the stores and spend money on this.

Your amazing juicer is there at your service. Just follow three easy steps to prepare homemade juices and smoothies. Toss the items into the mixer, mix and serve. How easy is that!

There is no restriction regarding any fruits and veggies. So, go for your fav one. But make sure to keep your smoothie texture a bit consistent than the regular juices.


2. Cocktails

Are you bored of having that healthy-leafy drink and looking for a change this weekend? I have a fantastic idea for that. Go for a healthy and flavorful cocktail.

Why don't you use your juicer? Drizzle all your fav celeries or fruits in your home-juicer and spike it with your preferred liquor. Whirling for a while, and you are ready with a delicious healthy drink.

I prefer using a Twin Gear juicer for this purpose to give a cocktail a pup-free texture. Skeptical about its using and cleaning process? Check this Twin Gear Juicer Guide!


3. Dole Whip

Do you often fantasize having Dole Whip of the Disney World? Yes, even my mouth starts to water, hearing its name only. Three ingredients and a single appliance all you need.

Pour some pineapple juice with some frozen chunks of pineapple to your regular juicer. Pulse it with a dollop of vanilla ice cream. Separate the pulp straining it and enjoy the Disney land experience right at home with your magical juicer!

If you ask for my tip, I would advise not using too much ice cream to give your whip a smooth and beautiful texture.


4. Hummus

Love hummus? Being a hummus fanatic, I have gone through great extents with uncountable recipes to get a perfect homemade hummus. But this revolutionized juicer recipe eased all my peeling and scratching tasks.

Put the drained chickpeas straight to your juicer. Smoothen it to make a puree. After that, one by one add garlic, lemon juice, tahini and a bit of salt as per your taste into the juicer and blend. Within a short time and fewer efforts, you can have a silky-smooth and delicious hummus.

I usually add parsley and cheese as the toppings of fav my hummus.


5. Sorbet

Feel like having fresh fruit sorbet? No need to step outside and grab one from the store. Why? Because you can make your sorbet staying at home with a single tech-tool that too in less than 10 minutes.

Can't believe me? Well, take your juicer out for a sorbet ride. Toss all the frozen fruits you prefer having in sorbet direct into your excellent juicer. Blend it for a while and enjoy instantly. You may even freeze it if you want to get an icy flavour.

Raspberry, pineapple, strawberry and mango gives a flavorful taste. But I would like to suggest adding banana ice cream to give it a creamy texture.


6. Soup

Soups are so delicious as well as healthy. You are your supervisor. So the amount of fat or salt depends on you. This way, you can make your soup healthier than the ones available in the stores.

Wash and steam all your preferred vegetables with a pinch of salt and pour straight into the juicer. After that, your only task is to mix them well. You may add minced meat or chicken as well. Your tasty soup is ready for serving.


Believe me; the stated multi-purpose uses of your regular juicer are amazingly manageable and straightforward. Many other juicer utilities are still waiting to get added to this queue. So, don't wait any longer and make your juicer a part of your daily food menu.







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