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How To Learn About Bike Lock In Only 3 Days

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Bikes are a very popular ride for times. Lightweight, affordable and handy. While at the same time, they are very easy to steal as well. Anyone can pick your bike and ride away. Hence I found it nearly impossible to protect my bike without a bike lock. And in recent days these locks become very improved as well. Well, if you don't know about them yet, you will. Don’t worry. This entire article is on How to Learn About Bike Lock in Only 3 Days. Don t get on the day count. It’s not a wonder number or something. Only to make things easy for you.

Bike locks at your service:

If you are already a bike user, you must know about the bike locks. But those who still don't know about them, bike locks are of three kinds. I will explain them one after another for your convenience. So that you will find easy to learn about them. Later you decide which one you would prefer for your bike’s safety.

1. U-locks:

If you are talking about bike lock, U-locks are the most worthwhile locks available in the market. These locks somewhat look heavy and provide you the highest degree of security. They are almost free from theft, as it requires heavy tools to cut them out. So, especially in broad daylight, you could have the assurance of not losing your cycle and from 1970 it’s ensuring that.

Though it looks bulkier, it is usually lighter than most of the chain locks. It has the key to unlock it. Moreover, it has a reliable and robust frame of blueprints. If you are a one lock guy, this U-lock is, you are looking for surely.

Now let’s have a quick sneak at the pros and cons of this lock:


  • Loud physical feature;
  • Theft resistant;
  • Affordable compare to its feature.
  • The additional cable could be added;
  • Easily available;
  • Resistant to cutters, drilling or picking;


  • A little difficult to carry sometimes;
  • Less friendly to all standing frames;


2. Chain Lock:

It's the other type of maximum protection, you could give your bike. It will withstand the duty it has to perform actually.

Some linked metal loops make a shackle, which is at the end linked by a padlock. Chain locks could vary in size strength and weight. Besides, it also has the key structure in the lock.

Usually, they are bulky enough to block any thief’s intention. As they are not saw or cutter friendly. Furthermore, this chain has a plastic cover to safeguard the metal within. That also saves your bike from scratching.


  • Excellent physical existence;
  • Protection against scratch;
  • Feasible to any bike;
  • Strong metal material;
  • Anti-theft;
  • Variety in weight and length;


  • Difficult to carry;
  • Shackle link could be weakening,


3. Cable lock:

Yes, these are the weakest in the sector. They are the lightest and easily portable. But the least secure one. It could be cut at any time anywhere and does not have anti-theft function. Still, they are flexible enough to carry and secure your bike with the stand.

It has a combination lock where you have to set your union of numbers. Just scramble the numbers when you are leaving your bike standing alone. Always try to use this lock as a secondary one.

Once upon a time, these locks were the most suitable one. But that time people can afford the security only with this. But with the change of time, the new technology takes place and replace this classic one. Let's see the pros and cons.


  • Lightweight;
  • Handy;
  • Compatible to all bikes;
  • Convenient to carry;
  • Very affordable;


  • Less secure;
  • Poor physical deterrent;


Tricks and tips to use bike locks:

Now you have known about the locks, the next step of How to Learn About Bike Lock in Only 3 Days is to know about the locking mechanism. Have a sneak pick of that:

  • You must find a hefty cycle stand to tie up your cycle. It's good if it has high- visibility. If you don’t have a stand nearby, find a grounded pole or tree to lock the bike.
  • Never forget to have a lock with you. U-lock or chain lock would be the ideal one. Use a cable lock for additional security.
  • Never use only a cable lock.
  • Always try to lock your bike at the second wheel, if your first wheel is a quick-release type.
  • Now, slide the u-lock or chain, through the wheel, the frame tube and the rail. After that pull out the other side from the rail. And lock it.
  • Point the keyhole downwards. So that any mischief finds hard to pick or smash.
  • Try to use minimal space to shackle your bike. So that it won't allure the thief.
  • Use public area for locking that has super exposure.
  • If you are using an expensive one, try not to lock it in the same place every day.



Now you have all the bike lock types and some tips and tricks regarding this. Learn steadily about them. Hence, determine the compatible one for your bike carefully. Also, consider where you ride and lock your bike. Maybe the chain lock is the most effective one, but you chose the U-lock. So, have a thorough visit to this article and buy yours. Next time will learn something else surely. Adios.







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