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Compare Top Rated Home Security Systems For 2022

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In today’s day and age, I know I am almost constantly worried about break-ins or someone stealing the packages on my porch.  As someone who has a family to care about and protect, that’s part of why it is on my mind so much.  I’m always looking for a way to keep myself and my loved ones safe without needing to purchase a dangerous firearm that I would not want my kids to be near.

That is part of why I decided to start researching home security systems.  There are so many options out there that it is hard to comb through them all and decide what is best for our needs.  So many, in fact, that I have taken it upon myself to help you sort through them and decide what the best choices are for 2022.


What is Home Security?

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Before I get into this more, I would like to lay a foundation first.  This is a big question, and there are a lot of answers.  If you’re really curious about the topic and would like to learn the history of it, you can look at this article here – but I’ll go ahead and give you a more simple run down now.

A home security system is usually a group of physical components that connect to a control panel of some sort that work together to keep your home safe.  They are generally electronic, and there are a few different parts that you will want to consider.  They might not all be right for you, so it will rely on personal preference.

Probably the most key part is the control panel.  This might be a physical one, but I have the controls on my phone via an application.  Whatever model you decide upon, you should figure out what kind of panel they offer and what is most convenient for you.

Next, you may want to choose a system that has movement sensors.  These motion sensors can be interior and exterior.  I have one that is sensitive to my pet so it does not go off every time my cat or dog walks by, but that isn’t necessary if you do not have one.  Usually, this sensor will be placed at the entrance to your home or in the hallways.  I have one at my front door because I get packages delivered fairly often.

Another thing I’ll touch upon are security cameras.  This is what many of us think of when we hear about home security, of course.  They’re almost iconic in terms of the visual, and obviously a key part in keeping our homes safe.  They can be installed almost anywhere you want, and typically connect to a video feed – mine is, once again, on a phone application.

Finally, I’ll mention floodlights and sirens.  These are designed to deter any home invaders by shining light down on them or blasting an alarm.  This signals to the would-be thief that they are being watched and, ideally, scares them away.  If it doesn’t, you will at least be able to see what they did while inside your home.


Types of Systems

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Now you know what they are.  However, what are the different types?  Well, there are few varieties, all good to learn about.  After all, when it comes to security systems, more knowledge is always better than less.  We deserve to know what they do to protect our families and how they work.

First, I will discuss wireless systems.  This is the kind that I use, but that does not make it the best.  It is simply the most convenient for my lifestyle, because I am on my phone so often.  Being able to control everything via an application is catered to my needs.  This type is hooked up to a wireless network.  While they are easy to install, the one significant drawback is that if the network goes out, it can hamper their ability to monitor your home.

Next, there are wired systems.  As the name implies, the control panel for this type are hard wired to the various sensors and cameras that are installed.  Network interferences do not affect this type, but they are bulkier and require a bit more time to install.  Another thing is that some invaders actually know that they can just cut the wires.

The other thing I would like to discuss is the difference between self-monitored security systems and professionally monitored ones.  The prior usually involves some sort of do it yourself and/or pre purchases model.  You can set it up yourself, and all monitoring falls to you.  This is the more affordable option, but if the system trips, you are the one who will have to call emergency services depending on the issue.

For professionally monitored ones, it is as it sounds – a company will watch for you.  Often, the company that monitors will sell the system itself.  They will install it, and if it is triggered, they will be the ones contacting emergency services.  Ideally, one of their employees will contact you about the breach and help you determine what steps to take next.


Why Home Security?

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Our homes are something deeply personal to us. We deserve to feel safe and secure in them, including when we leave the house. Investing in smart security systems can help you feel safe, and that’s probably the biggest reason to get one.

With one, you are able to contact the police or fire department quickly if an emergency happens.  This can help prevent damages.  Additionally, if you have home insurance, having footage of things that were broken or taken helps with your claims.

Because most systems come with some sort of sign for your yard or sticker for the window, that often deters a burglar before they actually break in.  As I’ve discussed, there are plenty of reasons to look into one.  Even if it is just a simple camera or sensor, they will help you feel more secure in your home.







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