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3 Cool Outdoor DIY Projects

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Your house is finely furnished and decorated, but your garden somehow seems to lack the desired character. 

There are many projects you can take on to improve your little outdoor domain. The feeling of fulfillment you get upon the successful completion is all the reward you’ll need.  

When you do it yourself, it tends to work out cheaper. You don't get charged for labor, and you can use offcut materials. Should you decide to buy specific items for your projects, you may want to keep the receipts, which come in handy for your insurance, states https://www.brokerlink.ca/blog/what-is-homeowners-insurance.

Rose Quartz Driveway Beacons

Rose Quartz Driveway Beacons

Rose Quartz Driveway Beacons

This idea would work with tar or paving, but is best with cobbles stones or a similarly rugged element.

For this project, You’ll need:

  • Enough matching sized rose-quartz rocks to space a meter apart for the length of the driveway. The quartz should be at least  5 x 5 inches in height and width.  Drill each chunk of rock deep and wide enough to accommodate a globe each.
  • The globes that will work here are your standard G11 or E12. The fittings are the same as the E26 bulb fittings, which are pretty standard in the US. Pair these lights with their respective socket size. 
  • A weather-resistant electrical cable twice the length of the driveway-plus five meters-to carry the current to your driveway beacons.
  • A plug that attaches to the end of the electrical cable.

The bulb-adapters are attached to the cable in series at the same distance the rocks will be from each other. Place the bulb into the quartz and melt candle wax generously over the bulb adapter. 

It’ll make the setup waterproof and stick it into place. Hereafter you can face the bottom of the rock downwards. The beacons should form lines along both sides of the road or pathway.

The cabling between the rocks can be tucked under the turf or buried in a shallow trench. Conceal the end with the plug connected from the last rock up to the power supply.

The brilliance of this is something beautiful at night.


Pallet Herb Grower

Pallet Herb Grower

Pallet Herb Grower

The versatile garden will work best for flowers and herbs, so wherever you would like to grow these, place your pallet. The garden can either be hung from a wall or lean against it.

For this job, you’ll need;

  • A Jimmy Iron is essential to pry some of the slats on the pallet.  
  • An electric screwdriver to fasten the bottom of your improvised plant boxes.
  • Some self-tapping screws to hold the bottoms of the plant boxes in place.

The idea here is to modify the pallet so that it possesses the ability to contain soil. The bottom of the pallet has fewer slats than the top. The bottom becomes the front, and the top is the back.

Remove four of the slats from the front of the pallet, then mount it to the wall so that the “front” slats are in a horizontal position.

Mount the item to the wall; then use the detached slats as “bottoms” between the pallet’s back and the horizontal slats in front.

You have three horizontals, one running across the top of the pallet, another on the middle, and the last along the bottom. The slat needs to get placed in a flat position and serve as your garden-box floor.

You can place some plastic sheeting in these three hollows to keep the soil from slipping through the cracks. Once the dirt is in, you can plant your first seeds.


Log Rocket Stove

Log Rocket Stove

Log Rocket Stove

The log rocket stove, also known as a Swedish Torch, is available in many different versions. They are made from large food cans, welded sheet steel, and even crafted out of car rims. 

The rocket stove we’re going to look at is made from a short log and is disposable.

What you’ll need for this is; 

  • A one-foot section of a log that has a 13-inch diameter will work best for the stove itself.
  • A wood drill bit along with the drill, 
  • A wood chisel. 
  • A hammer.

The hole you’re going to drill will need to go three-quarters of the way down. This shaft will be intersected at its extreme bottom by a shaft you drill horizontally from the side of the log; this is where the sharp wood chisel and a handheld drill become useful.

The last thing you do before you prepare to fire is to knock three nails in the shape of a triangle. The positioning of these nails around the opening on top- should extend above the surface by at least two inches. Make sure the nail heads are in line with each other so that a person can evenly balance a pot or kettle on them.

Once the rocket stove is complete, you can drop in a few twigs and fire exhilarant down the main shaft before adding kerosene or cooking oil.

Once lit, it will burn for hours. 


In a Nutshell

There are hundreds of other projects out there, but use these to test your creativity and skill level first. You can start with rose quartz driveway beacons, a pallet garden, or a rocket stove. 






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