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5 Custom Deck Ideas That Turn Your Outdoor Space Into A Slice Of Heaven

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Custom Deck Ideas For Outdoor Space

Custom Deck Ideas

Natural-looking Deck

Whether you want an avant-garde design for your deck or have a purist outlook, custom deck ideas are perfect for you. You can create a cozy outdoor living area or build a multi-level expanse in your backyard, depending on your individual needs. Here are some ideas to inspire you.


1. Build a Multi-Level Deck By Custom Deck Ideas 

Elevated decks with multiple levels create vertical landscaping in your backyard. You may create a cohesive line of sight from your deck to the yard with this design. Although a multi-level deck involves more planning and expertise, it also adds more functionality to your space. If you have a sloping yard, multi-level decking is the perfect option.

Using this feature, create different areas and place them as per your needs. For example, divide the upper level of the deck for dining, outdoor kitchen, and casual setting while you can install a hot tub on the lower level where it is easily accessible from the pool.


2. Use Textures in Your Deck Decor

Custom Deck Ideas

Wooden Walkout Deck In The Backyard Garden Of Blue Siding House.

When selecting the textures for your deck, choose materials that blend with the existing architecture of your home. It enhances the design continuity through similar colors and materials. You can also add functional and decorative features like rail panels or standout staircase to your deck.

Elements like glass partition railings and canvas drapes create an intimate space.  They add beauty to your home and optimize the views from the deck. As a result, you get a seamless structure that has a natural appeal and flow of elements.


3. Mix and Match Grain Patterns for Aesthetics

If you want to ignite the visual dynamite in your custom deck, mix the grain patterns that grab instant attention. You can use undulating designs and choose options that require lesser maintenance. Materials like tigerwood are better options where you can select a deep base color and create stunning grain patterns for enhancing the visual interest.

There is a wide range of textures and grain patterns that you can choose to make it happen. Some composite materials are also used to imitate the design patterns of hardwood at much cheaper costs.


4. Create Visual Symmetry

Custom Deck Ideas


Innovative custom deck ideas not only look inviting but also offer space-efficient designs. Add curves to your deck instead of choosing the customary rectangle patterns. A chic curving deck creates interesting contours and blends the edges of your deck with the green space in your yard.

At the same time, create a visual balance by using symmetrical design features. For example, matching benches on the sides of the deck offer ample seating spaces and lead the eyes of the visitors to other prominent features. You can also create symmetry with planters and contrasting colors in different parts of the deck.


5. Install Privacy Features

Custom Deck Ideas

Tile Deck

There are ample options for privacy when it comes to building modern decks. You can purchase mature evergreens to install on all sides of the deck or build privacy screens in colors and textures matching with deck material.

These are some excellent custom deck ideas to transform your outdoor living space into a personal slice of heaven.



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