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What Size Impact Wrench For Lug Nuts?

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Know The Size Impact Wrench For Lug Nuts

makita cordless impact wrench

makita cordless impact wrench

An impact wrench also popular as impactor, air wrench, impact gun, air gun, rattle gun, windy gun, and torque gun is a socket wrench power tool which is designed to deliver severe output force with bare-minimum exertion from the end of user, by accumulating energy in the rotating mass, for delivering it all of a sudden to the delivery shaft.

Impact wrench are known to be the most valuable tools an individual can possess in his/her arsenal. This tool is just the perfect choice while working on any type of construction projects, cars, scaffolding, trucks, and almost anything about which one can imagine. What that is very important to consider in this regard is that you own the correct size of impact wrench for the job for which you need it. Here is the site link , you can buy from here. Its easy.


Available specifications of the Impact Gun:

Now you have already understood that Impact guns are available in multiplespecifications and perhaps have guessed that the measurement of the Impact gun, as well as the socket of it, can give a severe impact on the nature of jobs that particular sized wrench can tackle. Any Idea about what does this size mean? Well, it means the dimension for its driving anvil. If you visit any hardware store, you will find the following sizes of Impact Guns: 1/4th inch, 3/8thinch, ½ inch, 3/4thinch, and finally, a full 1-inch.

  • 1/4thinch & 3/8thinch:Both belong to the smallest size of impact wrench available in the market. It's compact and quite easy for use, especially for extreme tight areas. You can have it in both inline grip and pistol grip style and perfect for 10mm diameter and below bolts.


  • ½ inch: This is the commonly found impact wrench size in the market and it falls in the mid bracket of the measurement chart. This measurement of Impact wrench is known to offer an excellent balance between power and precision. The first benefit of this size is that you can remove easily the bolts and nuts without applying much force and less damage. The second benefit is that this measurement of the impact wrench offers enough power for performing different types of jobs, which appears difficult for other sizes of Impact wrenches.


  • ¾th inch & 1 inch:These two are the biggest size available for Impact wrenches in the market. But popularity-wise, these 2 sizes are least common among users of Impact wrenches. But why are they so uncommon. The real reason behind the same is that this size impactoris so over-powered that it failed to prove useful for any home project. But yes, we cannot deny the fact that these 2 sizes of impact guns are quite popular for professional settings and for the people having expertise in using the same.


 What is a lug nut?

The lug nut is one specific type of nut having one rounded or conical (tapered) shaped end. You can find its application on steel as well as on maximum aluminium wheels. A set of these lug nuts in general used for securing the wheel to the studs of threaded wheel and next to vehicle's axles.


Types of Lugnut:

There are 9 types of lug Nuts available in the market. They are -

  1. Lug Nuts-Spherical: Perfect for cars wheel nuts

  2. Lug Nuts-Conical: Used in cars and other automobiles

  3. Lug Nuts-Flat Seat: It sits perfectly flat against everything they get installed on which turns a bit to remove it when required

  4. Lug Nuts-Extended Thread: Working with these nuts is quite easier than other lug nuts

  5. Lug Nuts-Tuner Style: Need of special key is there for these nuts and comes with the installation tool. Used for Gt-5 and BRM wheels besides other purposes

  6. Lug Nuts-Mag Seat: Convenient to use along with a normal flat seat and good for working on cars

  7. Lug Nuts-Small Diameter Spline Drive: Found application in many Cadillac, Chevy, and Ford vehicles

  8. Lug Nuts-Left-Hand Threaded: Limited category of vehicles do have lug nuts, which are a left-hand threaded and wide range of motorcycles use this nut.

  9. Lug Bolts: Comes with a stud attached right on it. Mostly found on car of the European market.


What will be the size of Impact Wrench for Lugnuts?

Impact Wrench

Impact Wrench

Well, you will need the impact wrench maximum for Lugnuts, especially when you need to work on various vehicles and do maintenance of your own car. Well, it is advisable to stay close to the mid-range size of Impact wrench for Lugnuts. Go for 3/8thinch sized impactor, or in case you look for even better performance, then we will suggest picking½ inch impactor. These sizes are ideal and it offers sufficient power to take out the toughest lug nuts also without applying excess torque. Stay careful and avoid excess torques that may lead to stripping of the lug nuts. Impact Wrench of the mentioned sizes is the right tool for car tire replacement.

Now you know which Impact Wrench will be the right choice for the lugnuts and now onwards car or vehicle maintenance will be an easy affair for you. Buy your Impact Wrench kit today.



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