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5 Chic And Easy Ways To Revamp Your Bathroom Countertop 

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Ideas To Revamp Your Bathroom Countertop

The bathroom is an important space in the house where you will be spending a considerable amount of time every day. The bathroom needs to be decorated or given equal attention as other important rooms in the home.  

Renovation of the bathroom is expensive and ranks second to kitchen renovation. Many homeowners will desist from making extensive changes that would call for a big budget. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot revamp your bathroom without breaking the bank. Subtle changes here and there can refresh and have a big impact on the final look for your bathroom. 

Bathroom countertops represent one of the easiest ways to remodel your bathroom. For a start, the countertop will not require large amounts of space and can be customized without holding back. There are a number of different materials available including marble, soapstone, and quartz which provide unique colors and patterns among other advantages.  

Revamp Your Bathroom Countertop

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 Consider Changing the Countertop 

Changing to a stylish countertop will give the bathroom a fresh and modern look in line with your décor ideas. Different material ideas for countertop material include soapstone, bluestone, white marble, quartz (Caesarstone, for example), and vintage wood which provide characteristics and advantages when installed in the bathroom. Natural stones are durable, add warmth, have distinct colors and patterns, add character and luxury, and are easy to clean and maintain. The natural stone surfaces are scratch resistant maintaining their beauty for long durations.  

Vintage wood countertops have a unique and time-tested appeal and can be used for the bathroom vanity. Wood requires sealing with a coat of varnish to make it water resistant. Nothing beats the allure and beauty of hardwoods which have beautiful colors and grain patterns.  


Add a touch of Brass 

For a touch of luxury in your bathroom, add a touch of brass rather than normal chrome finishes. Brass and copper tapware in the bathroom add a touch of class and transforms the entire space. You can avoid changing all the faucets since it will add up the costs. A few touches here and there will do the magic. Install a new copper or brass soap dish, magnifying mirror, or place a brass jar on a countertop to offer the desired changes in your bathroom. 

Revamp Your Bathroom Countertop

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 Introduce Seating Space 

High end bathroom are usually equipped with some form of seating such as a tufted ottoman, simple garden stool, or an ornately carved armchair. If space allows, you can add these to your bathroom to add depth and dimension. Wood and soft upholstery will provide accents to the tiled space that may feel bland. You can take some time to relax or even do your pedicure seated on the tufted ottoman or other piece you find interesting.  


Replace the Bathroom Mat 

Old and dirty mat have a way of making your bathroom look neglected and unkempt. Replace an old mat with rustic Persian or Turkish rugs to enhance the look of the bathroom. Other options include wool mats that are soft and a good substitute for a bath mat. The mats have beautiful colors and patterns that get better with age and as they fade adding to the sophistication and personality of your bathroom.  Do not worry about the price tags of such mats since bathrooms have small square footage which makes it possible to affordable such luxury. 


Add a Monogram 

Adding a monogram on bathroom furniture and bathroom accessories personalizes the bathroom and adds a touch of class. Monograms can be added to bath towels, hand towels, upholstery in the bathroom, a tissue box, on bathroom mirrors, and anything you may think about in the bathroom.  


A Mirror with Flair 

Contractor-grade mirrors in the bathroom are outdated and non-fashionable. Revamp your bathroom with a mirror that has more personality to bring the space to life. You should find shapes, detailing and sizes that are interesting and unique to reflect more light within the bathroom. There are affordable options for these antique mirror pieces that can be found in flea markets and other online sources.  


Remove Clutter in your Bathroom 

Having clutter all over will ruin bathrooms that have been luxuriously put together. The jar of cotton balls should not be found on the countertop whereas toiletries can be concealed rather left out in the open. Soap can be placed in dishes and not left on the sink whereas toothbrushes can be placed in a beautiful holder or tumbler. You will spend little or no money to organize all these small aspects and give your bathroom a refreshed look. 


Hooks and Rods 

Getting everything in its place for a neat and sophisticated feel will refresh your bathroom. Hooks and rods can be installed on specific bathroom surfaces to hang bath towels, bath robes and hand towels. Brass hooks or creatively designed hooks will have an impact on the bathroom by acting as accents but also provide functionality. Hooks and rods will be placed accordingly such as next to the sink or next to the shower.  

Revamp Your Bathroom Countertop


 Add Fresh Flowers or Some Greenery 

The bathroom can be brought to life with fresh flowers strategically placed on a countertop. If you are not one to keep fresh flowers alive, you can try to grow aesthetic plants in beautiful pots. Plants require little maintenance.  


Hang or Place a Framed Photo or Quote 

Personalizing the bathroom space is yet another option when revamping the bathroom. You can get a good photo of yourself/family in color or black and white framed in creatively designed frame. A favorite quote can be framed as well if you so fancy. These can be strategically hand on a free wall or can be placed on a bathroom countertop.  


Candles in the Bathroom 

Keeping candles in the bathroom is a way adding warm lighting and keeping the space relaxing. Candles can help set the mood for a soothing and relaxing bath or evening.   



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