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8 Do’s And Don’ts Of Writing An Admission Essay

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student holding books

Every college or university requires you to write a memorable admission essay. It is needed to understand your personality, motivation, and vision. At first, admission essays were an add-on to an application package where students-to-be reflected their anticipations and dreams along with personal experience. Today, admission essay writing has become an integral part of the college application package and a powerful tool to outperform others.

That’s why so many students google “write my essay” and often turn to platforms like EssayHub.com when it comes to writing admission essays. They know that they need to create a captivating essay and often honestly doubt their writing skills.

However, knowing a few do’s and don’ts of admission essay writing, every student-to-be can excel in creating a perfect essay. And this article is going to help you bridge this knowledge gap. Here we go!

Don’t Use an Admission Essay to Reword a Resume

A resume and an admission essay are two completely different things. They serve absolutely different purposes. That’s why there is absolutely no point in turning your resume into an essay. On the contrary, use this opportunity to express yourself and tell others what kind of person you are. Speak about your:

  • hobbies;
  • activities; 
  • motivations;
  • life experiences.

Mention what brought you to consider exactly this university and this major.


Do Write About Your Life

An admission essay that stands out is usually the one that gives people a slice of your life. Apply a storytelling approach to give them a better understanding of what kind of person you are and what life difficulties or choices have led you to the stage you are in right now.

Tell others what you are passionate about and what really makes you a great fit for a program you are applying for. Since you can choose the event or experience, pick up something smaller to make it match the format.


Don’t Exceed the Required Word Count

The number of words expected in an admission essay is usually provided by the admissions office. You have to meet those guidelines for sure. Don’t write fewer words than needed as well as don’t go beyond the established maximum.

If you submit your essay by inserting it into a special electronic form, any words in deficit or in excess won’t allow you to proceed. If the submission is in DOC or PDF, the first thing that the officer checks is the word count. So, treat all the requirements with respect.


Do Write Original Content

Copy-pasted ideas found in essays don’t mean good for any student. If plagiarism is detected in an admission essay, it means you’ll be banned. It literally minimizes all chances of your application success.



Therefore, you’d better submit a weaker but 100% original admission essay than steal strong ideas that belong to other people. Always choose originality and uniqueness when it comes to writing, and you are likely to avoid any trouble.


Don’t Stick to Clichés

Many students falsely believe that if they say what they think admissions offices expect from them, they will definitely get a seat. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like this anymore.

No one expects you to flatter a college, university, or a particular person. On the contrary, everyone is looking for your ability to think critically and express your own opinion. That’s why, try to write what you really think makes you a great fit for the program. You’ll definitely land a place if you start with being honest.


Do Write About the College of Your Choice

Admission essays don’t sound appealing if you don’t explain your choice of a college or university. You must clearly understand what you can expect from the place and from the program that you choose. Also, you should translate this understanding to others.

If your admission essay looks like a template that you can send out to any college or university, it doesn’t actually help you land a seat. So, customize every essay you write based on the research you’ve made on each college in your list.


Don’t Skip Proofreading

Automated grammar and spell checkers are not enough when it comes to admission essays. They are very important. That’s why it’s always a good idea to put a second pair of eyes on an admission essay before submitting it.

Ask your family member or a friend to go over your essay. Make notes of every tiny problem that they encounter while reading and improve those parts later.

If you don’t have anyone to read your essay for you, it's not a problem. There are proofreaders that can be found online.


Do Use Your Own Voice

Don’t be an imposter. Use your own voice in your admission essay and provide your own point of view. Don’t impersonate someone you are not. If your ideas are free from any discrimination and offensive language, you can express them without hesitation.

That’s the beauty of essay writing. You get to speak, and you’ll definitely be heard. So, use this opportunity to make a statement and you’ll undoubtedly land a place in your dream college. 







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