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Garb bars have come a long way from being a white piece of metal that was screwed on the wall and offered support to the elderly or disabled users in the toileting or bathing and showering areas.

Some manufacturers have really concentrated on innovation and turned these disability aids into fittings that become a part of the overall decor of the bathroom rather than standing out as an add-on to support the needs of a disabled or an elderly user.

From the colours to the finish and the designs you will find, you will find it hard to tell if these fittings are actually bath and toilet aids.

Here is a list of some stylish and discrete grab bars you will find in the marketplace nowadays:

Grab Bars with a Toilet Paper Holder

These are grab bars that come with a metal rod that can be used by a disabled or an elderly user to get support while lowering or raising themselves and another thinner piece of metal attached next to it that allows you to hang a toilet paper roll.


Grab Bars with a Towel Holder

Similar to a grab bar with a toilet paper holder, these dual-function grab bars come with a metal rod in-line with the ADA requirements and also have another thinner rod built into them, this thinner rod acts as a towel holder.


Grab Bars with Shelving

This is one of the most innovative grab bars you will find, ones that come with a metal or a glass shelf attached to them. These are generally used in the bathing area and the shelves can be used to store toiletries. You can find these king of grab bars with straight shapes or semi-circular shapes that can be used as a corner shelf.


Coloured Grab Bars

To make these disability aids blend into the overall decor of the bathroom, some manufacturers offer grab bars in multiple finishes including gold, silver, black and more.


LED Grab Bars

Another innovation in grab bars you will find is the inclusion of a LED night light within the grab bar. These lights are sound activated and are a great addition as they increase the overall safety of the user, especially at night time.


Night-glow Grab Bars

Glow-in-the-dark grab bars are another addition to the innovative range of grab bars you will find in the marketplace. These have an active chemical that gets charged during the day utilising natural light or artificial light and then glows at night.


Slide Bar Grab Bar with Handheld Showerhead:

This type of grab bar will be best for bathroom that has sitting baths. A lot of bathroom now uses a hand showerhead alongside the overhead fountain. The reason is with a hand held showerhead you can reach some complicated place of your bodies. If your bathroom is one like that you may want to consider slide grab bar.


Corner Grab Bars For Two Walls:

They are helpful if you have elderly living in your house. You can use them as support while standing up from showering. It is also helpful if you tend to shower while sitting and need support while getting up. They also attach at two sides of wall. When you get out of the bathtub you can grab on them to help you stand up.


Wave-Style Grab Bars:

There is no difference between a wave-style and straight grab bar. The main difference is the decoration. Wave-style grab bars have a wavy shape that looks attractive and may give an extra edge to grab onto. But that’s debatable. If you don’t want something fancy just want something minimalistic to compliment your bathroom, wave-style grab bars will be great addition for you.


With so many different innovative grab bars available in the market, it will be interesting to see where it all goes from here. Not only do these grab bars merge with the overall designs of the bathroom but also offer more safety to the user.







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