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Friendship Lamps – The Unique Gift Connecting The World

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Friendship Lamps Long Distance  - The Perfect Mother's Day Gift

Send a range of different colors of thought and love! Let your friends, relatives, any closed ones know that you are thinking of them. Send them different colors of lights from any corner of the world as long as you are WiFi connected. Just tap your lamp and the color you see on your lamp is also seen by your friend who has same lamp. This is a best remembrance gift you could ever give to your loved ones. Friendship lamp is a perfect gift for Valentine's day, Mother's day, Father's day, Bithdays! This shows you want to be connected with your loved ones.

Friendship Lamps

friendship lamp

What is the best gift for long distance relationship?

There are millions of gadgets in this world to gift right? But this time we have something special that we have witnessed and experienced. Due to the nature of work and life styles, people travel around for many reasons. Would you like to let them know or give some gesture that you are thinking of them?

Well, this is the theme around we have been thinking this time for a perfect gift IF you have some one not near by you. This is called Friendship Lamp! Light up loved ones' lives—across town or across the world—with this new design of this awesome lovely Friendship Lamp. We are recommending this not only because we have used it and loved it. You can read many 5 star reviews about this unique product currently in very trend.

friendship lamps

friendship lamps

How do Friendship Lamps work?

Friendship Lamps help you stay connected with friends and family! When you see the lamp lighting up in another color, it indicates that your loved one is thinking of you. Stay connected with friends and family with our unique long-distance friendship lamps! Simply tap your lamp and your friend’s lamp will light up at the same time and with the same color! Customize colors, send unique messages and connect as many lamps together as you want.

Friendship Lamps

Birthday Gift

These lamps connect across the whole world!  All you need is an internet connection and you can connect these lamps.

You can reach out to customer service anytime via email support@friendlamps.com if you ever have any types of questions or issues with lamps you have purchased.


Do long distance touch lamps work?

Long-distance touch lamps work across any distance provided that both lamps are connected over Wi-Fi. Even if your special someone is heading off to school in another country, you will still be able to stay connected with them through your friend lamp.

Friendship Lamps

Mother's Day Gift


What are long distance touch lamps?

A long-distance touch lamp or “friendship lamp” is a lamp made with a WiFi internet connection so that it can connect with one or more of the same types of lamp across long distances. You can connect as many lamps to your group as you would like, there is no limit to the number of lamps you can connect to. We have seen many families that are spread around the world using these lamps.

Friendship Lamps

How do Friendship Lamps work


Do the friendship lamps really work?

How does a friendship touch lamp work? A Friendship lamp is easy to operate. Once connected to power and Wi-Fi, simply touch it and the other will light up no matter where it is in the world. Sometimes you may experience delays of up to 2 hrs, but it will still light up when the signal reaches the other lamp.

Friendship Lamps

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You will not need power adapters for these Friendship Lamps. These lamps connect via USB. So all you need is specific power adapter with a USB port and you’ll be set with these lamps. Light up loved ones' lives—across town or across the world—with this new design of our beloved Friendship Lamp. The function is still the same: Touch yours, and theirs emits the same glow to send a little "thinking of you." Creating a group? You can also assign colors, so each person gets their own special hue. Mix and match with the original design, too, if you like.

Friendship Lamps


What About Warranty?

Yes. All Friendship lamps are covered with a 12-month manufacturer warranty. If your lamp doesn’t work as intended or stops functioning, we [https://www.friendlamps.com/] will organize for a repair/replacement at no added cost.

Friendship Lamps

friendship lamps long distance


Who are friendship lamps designed for?

Whether you have family members spread across the globe or a long-distance lover, our friendship lamps are made just for you. One can also put this in his/her office room to get in touch with family members at home. Regardless of your location or theirs, a friendship lamp is the best way to send your love across the miles, which is becoming a viral trend now. So friendship lamp is ideal for anyone looking for a unique way to keep in touch with their loved ones.

Friendship Lamps

lamps for long distance

When can I expect to receive my friendship lamp?

We engage the services of fast couriers and attempt to get the lamps to you as soon as possible.

  • USA delivery should be within 2-5 business days
  • International delivery should be between 3-10 business days


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