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Garage Door Maintenance DIY

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Garage Doors

Garage Doors

Did you know that your garage door requires maintenance? Like everything else, you don't have to perform it on your own. But chances are you want to prolong the life of your garage door. It has moving parts. And like everything with moving parts, they eventually will break. If you don't have the time, contact your garage door repairmen to come out and perform it for you.

It's not rocket science. You only need to dedicate an hour of your time twice a year for proper maintenance. A garage door company will likely charge you several hundred dollars for repairs. Why not take preventive action.  

If you're renting the home or you live in an apartment community that has townhomes with a garage, your landlord should have a guy come out to inspect it. Renters aren't responsible for maintenance.

Look and Listen 

As garage doors move up and down, they should do so smoothly and quietly. If the speed of your garage door has slowed over time, this may be an indicator that something may break sooner rather than later. If you see any jerks or hear any loud bangs then, then some investigation is certainly warranted. Is anything obstructing the tracks!



Inspect the Tracks 

Your garage door will move up and down over 2 separate and distinct tracks. Make sure there aren't any objects impeding the tracks. Rust can certainly add some friction as the door goes both up and down. 

Are the tracks flush? You probably don't have the expertise to make any major adjustments to the rails. That would require you to contact a repairman. But you can make some tiny adjustments as needed. 


Lubricating the Rollers and Other Parts

The less tension and stress placed upon a garage door system will prolong the life of your unit, and the parts associated with it. Purchase a high-quality lubricant that is specifically designed for garage door parts. This can extend the life of your door. 

Apply a generous amount of the lubricant on the rollers and the hinges. Don't forget about the garage spring. This is a costly part. 



What is a Garage Door Spring 

You probably didn't even know it existed. This is the most important aspect when it comes to opening and closing the door. There is an incredible amount of tension in the spring itself. It is responsible for raising and lowering the door.

Springs are going to be rated for many openings and closings. This means they will break and need to be replaced. 


Test The Sensors that Cause the Door to Auto-Reverse

Garage doors should have an auto-reverse safety feature. If an object is directly in the path of the door as it comes down, the system should detect the object and reverse itself. If you look on the lower sides of the rails, you should see 2 distinct objects that are the garage door sensors, aka eyes. 

Here is how you test to make sure they are working properly. Lower the door and simply place your foot in between the set of eyes. If working properly, the system should detect the intrusion and slowly stop and then reverse itself to the start position. 

If your garage door system lacks this feature, you should contact a technician to have them installed. 


Testing the Balance of the Door 

While you don't have to understand why a garage door needs proper balancing, it will just have to work harder over time if it isn't. This means a repair is going to occur sooner rather than later. 

Luckily there is an easy way to conduct this test. Your door should have a "release" handle. It allows you to disengage the door from the chain system. You can open and lower the door manually. Open the door above halfway. Does the door remain in place? Or does it close or open on its own? If the latter occurs, then it is not balanced correctly. You will need to contact a technician for repair. 

garage door repair

garage door repair

Check The Weatherstripping 

It's usually a rubber piece that runs along the bottom of the entire garage door. Its purpose is to keep out both hot and cold weather. It also prevents dust, dirt, leaves, and other sorts of debris from getting under your door and into the actual garage. 

If it has become loose you can attempt to re-attach it. Or you might just decide to replace the weatherstripping in its entirety. You can purchase a new one at your local home goods store. Be sure and measure your old one before you go out to purchase a new one.


Bottom Line

  • Properly caring for a garage door requires a couple of hours a year
  • And making tiny adjustments and/or maintenance can extend the life of your entire garage system
  • Which will save you money.


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