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Health Hazards At Home: Ways Your Home Makes You Sick That You Never Knew

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cleaning and sanitizing work place

cleaning and sanitizing work place

Your home is supposed to be your place of peace, and if nothing else, your safe zone. But what if the very place we call home, is the very place that’s causing our “out of the blue” health concerns?

Things like mold and lead are dangerous substances that, over time, can appear in the homes of many, but there are other harmful contaminants and chemicals that appear in our homes as well, both naturally and by our own doings. These contaminants can tamper with the integrity and quality of the air we breathe and the food we eat… They all contribute to a condition called Sick Building Syndrome (SBS).

The thing about SBS is that the symptoms are very similar to other illnesses like the common cold and allergies. Some common symptoms of SBS include:

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Irritated eyes
  • Confusion
  • Headaches

But the key to fighting the symptoms of SBS is to first be able to identify some of the potential causes of it. It’s also important to know that some of the habits, cleanliness, and purchases we make not only cause SBS but they also cause potentially life-threatening illnesses as well. So, take a look at some of the ways you and your home could be the culprits behind certain health issues.


Ways Your Home is Making You Sick That You Never Knew

Your House is Too Clean

Okay, so this particular point is probably making you scratch your head and think you can’t win for losing, right? But the truth of the matter is that it is possible to go overboard with your cleaning habits. You may not realize it but small amounts of germ exposure are actually good for you.

Soap and water is an effective house cleaner that protects us from most germs and bacteria, and whatever it doesn’t clean, those germs are a healthy challenge to strengthen our immune systems. When disinfectants are too strong, it can encourage the growth of “super” bacteria that can’t be killed.


Your House Always Smells Like Air Fresheners

If you’re like most people, there’s nothing better than coming to a fresh-smelling home. But little do most people know that the scented candles, sprays, and plugin fresheners could be negatively affecting your health.

This could be quite devastating to some because some of the best plugin air fresheners that make your home feel fresh contain the chemicals known to disrupt the endocrine system by interfering with the processes of your hormones.

If you must have some type of air freshener in your home, consider using essential oils, opening your windows for fresh air, or keeping fresh flowers in your home.

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You Keep Your Bills in Your Bedroom

This particular bad habit is something that can impact both your mental and physical health. Bills are known to be the number one cause of stress and your bedroom is where you’re supposed to get optimal rest… putting a life stressor in a place of relaxation can cause anxiety and disrupt sleep.

A good rule of thumb is to keep all bills outside of your bedroom and look for ways to reduce those monthly bills. For example, if you live in Texas, you don’t have to stress over expensive electric bills when you can simply compare electric rates in TX and choose the best one that meets your budget.

This tidbit will not only reduce your stress and anxiety levels but also make for many nights of good quality rest. Remember, there’s a place for everything and your bedroom is not where bills belong.


You Have Non-Stick Cookware

Before you start panicking, just know that more research needs to be done on this, but studies have shown that the synthetic chemicals used in non-stick cookware to prevent food from sticking can release those synthetic chemicals at high cooking temps into your food and cause various health conditions. It’s recommended to cook with cast iron and stainless steel cookware.


You Have Plastic Shower Curtains or Liners

You know that plastic smell you get after opening a plastic shower curtain? Well, that smell is caused by volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs can irritate your respiratory tract and do severe, long-term damage to your kidneys, liver, and central nervous system, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. That reason alone is why you should make a simple switch to something as easy as shower curtains made from polyester.

Vinyl or plastic shower curtains and liners breed mold and mildew. And it’s not just the gray, blackish kind, either. If you have a plastic or vinyl shower curtain and noticed a pink or orange tint to it, those are signs of mold and mildew… Get rid of it as soon as possible and don’t buy them anymore.







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