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Home Improvement Hacks: Simple Ways To Conserve Energy At Home

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As an adult, we have to do this thing called “adulting,” which, in short, is taking on the responsibilities of being an adult, and one of the biggest responsibilities of being an adult is paying bills. Unfortunately, paying bills isn’t something you can avoid completely. But, just because you have to pay bills, it doesn’t necessarily mean it has to break the bank.

Rent and mortgage are the most expensive monthly bills for most people. Coming in a close second, is your energy bill. Your monthly rent and mortgage payment is something that you can’t change, but your energy bill can be adjusted through your usage and simple changes. Unfortunately, people don’t realize that changes can be made… It mostly starts with mindfulness.

Little things like turning the lights off before leaving a room or adjusting the thermostat when you know you’re not going to be home are mindful habits to implement in your home that will help you save on your energy bills. But where you’re going to see the most savings is through energy-efficient home improvements.

According to the Department of Energy, energy-efficient home improvements can shave 20-35 percent off your energy usage and monthly energy bills. In fact, depending on the types of improvements you make, you can save as much as $600 or more annually.

So what are these energy and money-saving hacks? Read on to learn more.


Home Improvement Hacks to Conserve More Energy at Home

Dust-Off and Clean Your Appliances

Your refrigerator, stove, washing machine and dryer, and dishwasher all acquire dust and grease over time, and the accumulation of these particles affect the functioning efficiency of these appliances. By cleaning them, you’re improving their energy consumption.

This isn’t something you necessarily need to do every day but regularly keeping them free from dust and debris will go a long way with your energy consumption. Just imagine how much harder your appliances have to work to reach its full functioning capabilities when there are obstructions blocking it. If not well-maintained, these obstructions to your appliances can cause your appliances to become unrepairable.


Switch to Community Solar

For so long, having solar panels installed on your roof was the only way that people could enjoy the benefits of having lower energy bills through solar energy, but that has since changed. Today, homeowners and renters alike can now enjoy lower energy bills through community solar.

Community solar is where an area or neighborhood shares electricity generated from renewable resources by way of solar farms. MA community solar is how Massachusetts residents enjoy lower energy costs; all you have to do is check to see if community solar initiatives are offered in your area.

This may not be a physical home improvement but it is certainly an improvement to your home’s monthly energy bills.


Caulk and Seal Air Leaks

This home improvement is simple enough, right? A few cans of caulk can make a world of difference in your home’s energy consumption. You’ll want to make sure to caulk the major leak areas like windows, plumbing lines, attics, and electric wires.

This is going to prevent any air from leaking out as well as water. When you have air or water leaks, it just leads to a number of other problems like a high energy bill and mold infestations, and that will end up costing you a lot more if you don’ take care of those problems as soon as they arise.


Use Your Ceiling Fans Year-Round

Many people tend to think that ceiling fans are only meant to circulate cool air in the summer months but ceiling fans can be used in the winter months as well, to circulate the heat in your home. It’s simply a matter of changing the course of the blades to run in a clockwise direction.

Plus, ceiling fans produce a nice breeze, whether it’s hot or cool air, and consume very little energy to do so. So by using your ceiling fan in conjunction with your heating and cooling system, your home will be able to heat up or cool down in no time! And it won’t break the bank!







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