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How To Build A Long-Lasting Deck?

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Natural-looking Deck

Natural-looking Deck

The professionals of GTA Decks offer flat-surfaced decks, which are typically constructed outdoors and connected to a building. The decks can also be covered by a canopy to control the sunlight. They can be constructed with the help of an experienced designer and proper expertise. The multilevel decks can be constructed using standard tools. It raises significant safety issues if the decks are not properly flashed and waterproofed. The failure in construction might lead to death and critical injuries. The railings above 30 inches are considered to guard rails and they are built as per specific building code requirement. The high-rise commercial and residential buildings with rooftop decks convert them into green spaces and sky parks with the help of urban landscaping techniques.

Let’s focus on some tools required by the project:-

  • Adjustable Wrench
  • Chalk Line
  • Circular Saw
  • Cordless Drill
  • Drill bit set
  • Framing Square
  • Hammer
  • Handsaw
  • Hearing Protection
  • Level
  • Miter Saw
  • Posthole Digger
  • Safety Glasses
  • Socket/Ratchet Set
  • Spade
  • Wrecking Bar


Key Factors That To Be Followed Before Construction

1. Decking

Generally, for decking, rough-sawn cedar lumber is used for privacy wall, planter trim, and other exposed wood to make it look more natural and tactile character. These can be made of wood and will last for a long time. 


2. Lumber

The wood used for above the ground framing is generally .40- grade pressure and it lasts for decades without any maintenance. For the underground frame, it requires .60-grade treated lumber.


3. Hardware

You can use galvanized nails which is double-hot-dipped and exterior–rated joist hanger nails. Do use special screws or hidden fasteners for composite decking. You can install a drip cap over the ledger and besides the siding.


4. Footings

The professionals of GTA Decks follow a proper plan and as per your climate design the footings. 


5. Structure

The focus is to give a more beefy and permanent feel of an outside living room.


  • Digging postholes

The experts of GTA Decks extract the rock and clean out loose soil at the bottom of the hole. They use a shovel for loosening the clay at the bottom of the hole. Besides, the auger and corkscrew are used to extract the dirt more efficiently.


Some construction methods followed for this process are:

  • The professionals use cantilevers to make the layout and construction easy. They give a floating experience to the deck by moving the main structural support in comparison with the deck' perimeter. The cantilever offers fudge factors throughout the construction and helps in fine-tuning the dimensions of the deck. The non-cantilevered deck requires the exact placement of posts at each corner from the time you start to posthole. It also requires some time-consuming fixes.


  • The experts of GTA Decks begin the construction by installing the ledger board. They install members before cutting anything, as it allows them to make minor adjustments in structure. This is a time-saving process.


  • It is advisable to keep the deck boards a little more than a given length since the bad ends on the deck board can be trimmed. After that install cedar trim boards to hide the treated lumber framing.


  • The typical way to handle the deck is wider than the deck board is to randomly butt the ends together and split them over the deck joist. Individually cutting and fitting the joints takes a lot of time. It is required to nail closely the ends and make the wood split and rot prematurely. The moisture gets into the splice and doesn't dry out for a long period.


  • The long-lasting and elegant way to create a single beam is to create a single beam with a dog-eared length of decking perpendicular to the deck. The next step would be to toenail another floor beam used to nail the ends of the successive section. It provides a space for the end of the decking board and the splice board of drying. Further, it helps to keep away nails from the splitting zone.


  • Dig trenches for the planters and fill them with planters. Lay down foundation grade lumber for the purpose of placing the plates a few inches long from the intended planter. To set the footing plates, do measure down the deck and enclose on them with a heavy board.


  • The planter makes a striking addition to the deck and almost gives a feeling of a separate room. Built a planter box instead of railings on the rest of the deck perimeter. If you want you can take the idea of being surrounded by a deck-level flower garden. The planters can be framed like a conventional stud wall made of foundation grade lumber. Do give the planter the freestanding. If they lack frost foot then it will be a shift as per frost movement. They should not be considered as the legal guardrails and acts as a passive barrier to keep away from accidental falling.


  • You can add cosmetic side stringers and dress the stair sides and deck the treads.


Due to environmental and durability concerns composite decking has come to the market but sometimes it contains harmful components. The professionals of GTA Decks also offer complex load bearings structures that require proper structural engineering, plans, and permits.

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