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An Interesting Tale Of Casement Windows: The Past And The Present

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If you scan through the page of architectural history, you will see a continuous change in the styles of the designs of homes and windows. In that twist and turn, the newer and better developmental models always make the older ones fall behind. Being the eye of the houses, the windows always got the maximum attention from the architecture and the designers all the time. With the other architectural changes of the houses, the designs of the windows have gone through a drastic change too.

In this ocean of changes, it is the casement windows of Ecochoice St Catharines that still maintained their beauty. There is no doubt that some characters and the designs of the casement windows have seen changes, however, the basic character of the windows have remained the same throughout the years. Read on to know about the mysterious journey of casement windows.

What Are The Casement Windows?

These are the windows that you can attach to the frame with the help of the hinges placed on the sides. These windows can come with a single panel or double. The single panel windows are created in such a way that they can either open on outwards or inwards. This type of window requires a crank or a cam handle or lever to open. The handle can be placed either on the bottom end of the window panel or the hand height depending on the design of the house or the convenience of the user.

You can also install an outer shutter to this type of window if you think it would serve your purpose correctly. In such windows, the panel will open on the inside of the room, while the shutters will open outside.

You can determine the time of manufacturing of the Ecochoice St Catharines windows by their designs, sizes and the shapes.

Now that we have understood what a casement window is, it is time for us to take a look at the astonishing history of it.


The History of the Casement Windows

At the end of the 18th century, the casement windows came into existence. It was the end of the Georgian era, and this new type of window was very popular among the people. Within mere years, this window replaced the traditional stone mullioned windows of the houses and became a common sight.

When these windows first appeared, the local blacksmiths used to handcraft it. Even though the iron structures of such windows were elaborate, the glass panes were significantly small. During that time the technology of glass manufacturing was not that advanced. That means, making big sheets of glass was next to impossible for the window manufacturers.

That is one of the reasons why the glass panes of the windows used to be quite small. Windows of this time used to have six smaller glass panels attached to each other with the strings of lead.

As time passed, timber overtook the place of the iron. At the beginning of the Victorian Era, these Ecochoice St Catharines windows were made only with wood. The manufacturers also started to use sprig and putty to link the glasses of the window with each other.

Even though the six pane windows were common during this time, some casement windows with more or less glass pane can be seen. As the glass manufacturing process evolved, the design and the size of the windows changed as well. The casement windows were the only type of windows available until the sash windows came into existence in the 19th century.


Modern Casement Windows

The casement windows have not lost their popularity in modern times as well. However, when it comes to the materials and production technologies, the modern windows have witnessed a substantial change from their older counterparts. The windows made of PVC or aluminum have become almost maintenance-free.

Modern production technologies have also made it easier for us to produce the traditional style of the casement windows that belong to a particular era. The casement windows offer us a chance to choose the style depending on the design and style of our homes.

The advantages of today’s casement windows are also worth mentioning. Thanks to the compression seal technologies, the modern windows of today can provide superior insulation to the users. The casement windows of modern days are also perfect for the houses that have windows high above the ground. The cleaning procedure of the glass of such casement windows has also changed as the modern windows can be rotated a full 90 degree.

There is no doubt that modern technologies know no bounds. So, the designs and the styles those Ecochoice St Catharines casement windows are truly unpredictable. To make sure that the window matches the design or the style of your home, make sure to come to the store to choose the perfect windows for your home.

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