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How To Hide Wall Imperfections

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Stressed about how to hide your wall imperfections?

We got you.

Here are the simplest, most effective ways for you to hide every type of wall imperfection. Besides the mentioned option, you can even choose MDF panelling.

1. How to hide wall imperfections: When the entire wall is messy, cracked, or has uneven surfaces

If your entire wall is in need of a cover-up, then one of these four solutions will have your room looking seamless again in no time.


1.1. Bookshelves:

You don't have to make the entire room feel smaller with heavy, closed cupboards just to hide a wall. A simple open shelving unit pushed up against the wall will do the job for you.

Pro tip: Use ledges or shelves that are the same color as the wall behind to make this an even more seamless experience.

But if you want to add more decor to the room, then use shelving with either a wooden finish or a contrasting color.

Then style the shelves with your favorite books, indoor plants, accessories, lamps, etc.


1.2. Wallpapers:

With almost unlimited color, patterns, and texture options, wallpapers are a great way to cover up the subtle imperfections on a wall.

Choose a wallpaper pattern that balances out the size of the room, and fits the existing aesthetic of the room. An overwhelming wallpaper is almost as bad as a cracked wall surface.

And remember, only install wallpaper on walls with smooth, even surfaces. Otherwise, the wallpaper will only work to emphasize the imperfections even more.

If there are any water seepage issues or jagged cracks, be sure to treat and plaster them thoroughly, before installing the wallpaper. You can find a ton of different wallpaper finishes from ArchiPro. The right wallpaper finish can make your wall look brand new!


1.3. Wooden wall paneling:

Some walls are beyond the help of a simple wallpaper or open ledges. In that case, it's time to pull out the big guns, a.k.a wall paneling.

Using wooden wall paneling will help you hide the entire wall, no matter how bad the damage is.

If you're apprehensive of a heavy, old-school aesthetic with wooden wall cabins, you don't have to worry. Simply use lighter-colored, matte panels for a brighter, more modern aesthetic.


1.4. Acoustic wall panels:

For crucial spaces like meeting rooms, presentation podiums, mini theatres, or private cabins, basic wall paneling might not be enough. These are rooms where the acoustics of the room is as essential as the aesthetics.

In such cases, opt for high-quality acoustic wall panels to ensure good acoustics and impressive decor at the same time.

These panels also come in a wide range of prints, patterns, and textures, so you can choose one that best fits the theme of your space.


2. How to hide wall imperfections: For small cracks and scratches on the wall

From a badly painted over water stain to an unfixed crack in the wall (or even a small section of paint that has chipped off)... These smaller imperfections don't need a full-blown wall treatment.

Instead, try one of these 4 solutions to cover them up on the spot.


2.1. Hang art, mirrors, or tapestries on the wall:

If your wall imperfection is somewhat centrally located, then an elegant piece of art (or woven tapestry) placed on the wall, will cover it instantly.

For smaller rooms, consider using a pattern of mirrors (or a single large mirror) on the wall. It will not only cover up the imperfection but also make the room appear larger.


2.2. Make a collage on the wall:

If the wall has multiple cracks or blotches on it, then consider making it a gallery wall.

That way you can smartly cover up all the imperfections with strategically placed art along the length of the wall.


2.3. Extend your curtain rod:

If there are cracks at the edges of your window, use curtains to cover them up.

Simply extend your curtain rod 2-3" on either side of the window opening, and no one will ever see the unseemly lines that mar your corner.


3. How to hide wall imperfections: When there are blunt, bumpy, or cracked edges

Whether it was just a messy paint job or if the wall plastering resulted in an undulating corner...

There are ways to fix imperfect corners, without any extra hassle (or a massive budget).


3.1. Use the same color on both walls:

The simplest solution for imperfect corners is to blend them in, by using the same color on both walls adjoining it.

In fact, in rooms with imperfect walls and corners, try and use the same color on all the walls to reduce the obviousness. And preferably use matte paint to hide imperfections even better.


3.2. Use tall, leafy plants in the corner:

If you don't have the time, manpower, and budget to repaint a wall, this is your next best bet.

Hide the edges behind large, luscious plants that distract the eye. Think plants like fiddle leaf figs, giant monsteras, etc.

Pro tip: If you also want to avoid the hassle of maintaining these plants, then simply opt for faux silk plants instead. They look hyper-real and require almost zero maintenance.


4. How to hide imperfections on your ceiling

Ceilings are like the fifth wall of a room. No matter how well treated and clean your walls are, an ugly ceiling can destroy it all in a single glance.

So whether you have popcorn ceilings, water damage, or an undulating ceiling surface, you need to hide it ASAP.


4.1. Wooden or gypsum paneling:

The most straightforward ceiling cover-up is the classic false ceiling.

For a cleaner, brighter aesthetic, a gypsum ceiling is your best bet. But if a formal, richer theme is what you have in mind, then you can't go wrong with wooden or textured paneling.


4.2. Acoustic paneling:

If you're looking for a more dramatic ceiling while ensuring the acoustics of the room stay top-notch...

Consider getting ceiling-mounted acoustic panels in tidal patterns.


4.3. False ceiling panels:

Having your entire ceiling covered with false ceiling panels can be expensive. And if you don't have to cover the entire ceiling, save yourself the money.

Instead, use suspended ceiling tiles to cover random sections of messy ceilings.

And if you're lucky enough for just the central section of your ceiling to be messy, a small central paneled section that drops down as a decor feature will cover it all up.


4.4. Ceiling murals:

What to do if the ceiling is an undulating surface, and you don't have the budget for a full paneling to cover it up?

Use the illusion of lines that an elaborate mural creates to cover it up.

Sure, a mural will draw the eye to the ceiling, but its intricate lines and patterns will cover up the undulating surface of the ceiling.









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