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How To Redesign Your Kids’ Bedroom & Get Them Involved

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bedroom painting

bedroom painting

If you’ve previously gone through the process of hiring a kitchen designer Los Angeles to help you redo your kitchen space, you may have your sights set on redoing your kid’s bedroom next. Redesigning a child’s room can be a fun project, but can also involve a lot of detailed planning to help balance the aesthetic with the functional. If you’re seriously considering redoing your child’s bedroom, it’s important to get him or her involved in every step of the process in order to avoid alienating your child and to get him or her excited about the new room. Here's how to get started.

Focus on Fun Yet Practical Changes Throughout the Room

To create the perfect kids’ room that strikes an ideal balance between cute and practical, you may want to consult some Montecito interior designers for professional tips. When planning out your kid’s room redesign, it’s important to:

  • Avoid cluttering the room with too much furniture or too many built-ins
  • When in doubt, opt to keep things simple and allow your child ample space to play in
  • Choose furniture that provides double purposes to save space
  • Adjust everything in the room to match your child’s height
  • Add a study space in where older kids can focus on homework


Ask Your Child for Input, Opinions and Personalization Ideas Each Step of the Way

Even if you’ve hired the best children’s room interior design advisors and contractors, it’s important to get your child’s input throughout the process. Redecorating kids' bedrooms might be a challenging task for parents. Kids have their own ideas about the perfect bedroom and providing the opportunity for kids to help brainstorm can create a truly special kind of master bedroom. To make sure you are getting your kids’ dream bedroom while staying on budget, check out affordable brands such as BedKingdom that offer different types of bunk beds, tree beds in versatile styles. Allowing your child to put a few personal touches on the room can help him or her become more invested in taking care of the space. You may want to get your child to:

  • Pick the color of their walls
  • Choose their study corner and play area
  • Let you know which pieces of furniture they would prefer

By getting your child involved in the renovation process, you can help ensure that he or she will be happy with the final product while teaching important life skills. By the time the room is complete, your child will have had the opportunity to learn:

  • Independence
  • Creativity
  • Responsibility
  • Decision-making


Consider Adding a Few Small Design Touches To Finish the Look

One final way you can help your child connect with his or her new room and add a truly personal touch is to add a few customized details throughout the room to help complete the aesthetic. You may want to sit down with your little one and ask him or her if there are specific details that he or she would love to have in the room. Some touches that can help the room feel truly special could potentially include:

  • Personalized door signs with your child’s name
  • Fairy lights or ceiling lights to create a relaxing vibe
  • Your child’s favorite toys displayed on a built-in shelf
  • A cushioned reading nook or bench by the window

Before you start drawing up plans and hiring contractors to redesign your child’s bedroom, it’s important to take practical matters into consideration and to get your little one’s input on key design choices. By taking these steps, you can get your kid involved and help him or her get a dream bedroom.