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Is Homeschooling Better Than Going To School? 

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Most parents are tired of the one-size-fits-all education provided by public and private schools, hence the move to homeschooling. But is homeschooling as wonderful as it seems?

Homeschooling has many advantages, including the flexibility, freedom, and time parents spend with their children. This learning format also gives you an opportunity to get academic writing help whenever you need. For instance, you might want to rewrite my essay with native authors assistance at any convenient time.

On the flip side, homeschooling can hamper a student’s development if done wrongly. Untrained parents can find it challenging to get the best out of the curriculum and regulate their kids’ class engagement. 

In this article, we will look at the history of homeschooling and how it compares to traditional schooling. 

Origin of Homeschooling

Homeschooling has always existed since the beginning of civilization. At one time, it was the only type of schooling available to children. 

It was only from the 1700s to1880s that local communities established schools for children. These schools were controlled and funded by the community and consisted of one or two teachers in a single classroom. 

But in the 20th century, advocates for academic reform like John Holt and Raymond Moore started movements in support of home learning.

John Holt, a former school teacher and reformer, was the first to advocate for homeschooling. He discussed tutoring approaches that were not considered conventional at the time: 

  • learning by living; 
  • unschooling.

Raymond Moore, a Seventh-day Adventist employed by the US Department of Education, took on the mantle after he died.

He worked as a teacher, principal, superintendent, and college president in the United States and overseas. Through these experiences, he became a spirited homeschooling advocate, pushing for family rights to homeschool. 


6 Benefits of Homeschooling 

The advantages of homeschooling are enormous and vary between households. Some folks want to spend time with their kids; others want their children to be better prepared for life. 

Here are the top six benefits of homeschooling.


  • Academic flexibility and efficiency

Most children learn at different rates and have varying capacities. Homeschooling can be ideal for a child who is ahead of the curve, behind the curve, strong-willed, quiet and shy, creative, active, or gifted. 

  • Teaching efficiency 

With homeschooling, a tutor can focus on the child and make explanations as simple as possible. A parent can also choose interest-based learning for developing skills specific to the child. You will also be able to teach your child lessons that are not thought in class and only found on books which can be bought using discount like Tuttle Twins discount codes.


  • No peer pressure 

Homeschooling has the potential to reduce or eliminate the chances of your child becoming involved with the wrong crowd. Peer pressure mostly begins in high school, where a child is likely to get exposed to verbal abuse, drugs, and other negative influences. Yet, homeschooling allows you to create a safe learning space for your kids at home.


  • Safe family environment

Homeschooling encourages closeness and a good social environment, which is highly beneficial to a child. There is also plenty of time for volunteering, community involvement, and entrepreneurship. Parents can also make time for outdoor crafts, play, painting, and real-world experimentation when necessary. 


  • Reduced chance of substance abuse

Homeschooling prevents children from being exposed to drugs. It allows parents to regulate the people that associate with their children.

  • Higher academic and career achievement

According to the NCES, homeschooling generally provides students with superior academic and career accomplishments following graduation. Home-educated students typically outperform traditional school students by 15 to 30 percentile points. 


5 Disadvantages of Homeschooling

Despite the glowing reviews about homeschooling, it still presents a few worrisome disadvantages. 


  • Cost of learning

The cost of homeschooling might become prohibitively expensive over time. One should consider the total cost of books, guides, and other resources. It ends up being a hefty burden for families that are not financially resilient. 


  • Adjustment period

If a child is switching from regular schools to homeschooling, both the parent and the child must become accustomed to the new system. Being with children all day can be exhausting for a parent, especially when they become restless. 

  • Lack of contact with peers

Homeschooling keeps students away from their peers. And as most experts claim, physical contact is essential to every child’s development. As a result, parents would have to figure out curriculum options, schedules, and activities that would flow at the child’s pace.


  • Lifestyle change

Some families may have to take bold measures when opting to homeschool their children. They often have to give up a job or contemplate working from home to spend time with their children. On the other hand, looking for playmates or other children in a similar circumstance would take more time.


  • Anxiety

Homeschooling your child can be stressful and time-consuming. As a result, you will get anxious every time. You’ll consistently question if you are on the right track since you lack the proper professional training.



Homeschooling has been around since the early days of civilization. But our modern definition of homeschooling became popular through pioneers like John Holt. To get the best out of educating your child at home, you need to identify the pros and cons first. 

As seen above, homeschooling can be very stressful and demanding, but if done right, it can also be rewarding. This learning format certainly isn’t for every parent. Yet, those who invest time and effort into homeschooling would reap its many benefits. 







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