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Read This If You Hate Essay Writing

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person writing studying

person writing studying

"Why do I have to do essays if I am going to become a marketing manager?"

Good question! There is no particular necessity to write your thoughts in essay format. Just like there is no need to draw flowers in kindergarten and pass biology tests in high school. Some philosophers may even suggest that there is no point in doing anything but simply being alive. 

Creating texts, drawing, making paper snowflakes – the benefits of these chores rest a long way down the road. These tasks teach students to reflect, think logically, process tons of information, analyze it, build phrases correctly, and convey their thoughts. Will these skills be useful to a marketing manager? They will, and not only to a manager but a representative of any modern profession.

Good Writing Is Overrated

Essay creation often comes with a lot of pressure and anxiety. 

If making up texts is a form of creative expression, then how can anyone evaluate it according to general standards? This is particularly relevant to reflective texts. There, the author expresses their personal views on certain events. No one could evaluate the relevance of someone else’s experience and put a label on it. Of course, there are criteria for text evaluation:

  • compliance of the content and the topic;
  • grammar issues;
  • originality and independence;
  • the ability to express thoughts in a logical order;
  • argumentation.

Some of these criteria are quite dubious. For example, how can a teacher say that someone’s experience is unoriginal? Good writing is a wide concept. The first question is – good for whom? Some readers will think that the text is perfect, others will find a billion reasons to trash it. 

A singing career could make a perfect example. Take any famous singer. Simply any of them. Most of them have an ear for music and strong vocal cords. Yet, listening to Hozier makes one cry, while Tommy Emmanuel doesn’t have much effect on them. Thus, there are no objective criteria to assess the merits of art pieces.

First of all, the author should have something to say. They should convey a thought with the help of the text. In the process of writing, it can branch out and become more complex, but the original concept must serve as the basis.


Take a Seat and Watch the Show

Theoretically, anyone can redo someone else's text to suit their style. It seems a better way to deal with essay creation. Yet, if you are not a big fan of writing as it is, redoing someone else’s work will not make this chore easier. What may do the trick is a professional essay writing service EssayHub . Yet, it’s still worth knowing that there are three basic text formats:

  • narration;
  • description;
  • reasoning.

Those three are subdivided into various types of essays and thesis papers. All of them pursue the goal of evaluating particular skills. Lack thereof usually results in low grades and a chance of doing more papers to persuade the tutor you deserve a higher grade.

Students often pick their major based on the main disciplines they are going to study. Linguistics students usually do better at conjuring poems than solving math problems. Math students struggle with writing essays for history classes. Future chemists come to study chemistry, but they still may have to write some essays. 

To keep on track with the main disciplines, some students need to sacrifice their writing potential and leave the job to the experts. Some services even provide help with other tasks besides essays. For example, specialists at can help with math homework and term papers. At  least, you will be able to focus on the most important tasks.

pencil sharpner

pencil sharpner

See It As An Unposted Blog Post

If, by this point, you still hate writing, try looking at it from a different viewpoint.

Consider making up various texts as a chance to express whatever you have to say to the world. For example, as a member of the local eco initiative, try using college essays as a stepping stone and an advertising base for the eco projects. 

Books on creating texts often give templates to help students express their thoughts. For example: "The text touches upon the following problems…" or "In conclusion, it seems relevant to note that ...". Such phrasing could make the most relatable topic sound dull and revolting.

If there is no chance to avoid writing papers yourself, at least try to remove these formulas from the text. Maybe it is the set standards that make you hate creating essays so much. Abandon them and express yourself. Today, most teachers appreciate when students present unique writings that defy the rules.


Get Into the Swing

It is impossible to learn how to ride a bike by studying the theory of riding bikes. To ride, you have to ride. Sit down and push the pedals. Fall, get up, and do it again. A blog or a page on social networks can be a good bike-riding space for a student. There is also a chance to get instant feedback from readers.