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Keeping Mosquitoes Away From The Yard — Top 9 Ways

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As the summer draws closer, so do swarms of mosquitoes. Our quick guide will show you ways to keep their invasion at bay.

Mosquito yard spray, mosquito nets, electric mosquito killers… there are numerous ways to neutralize the blood-sucking pests. We’ve reviewed and prepared 9 best ways to prevent mosquitos from partying on your property. 

So, if you plan a barbecue fest or any other get-together in your yard this summer, our guide will help you eliminate the buzzy, long-nosed threat.

Mosquito Spray

Insecticides are a go-to when it comes to a mosquito problem. One gallon of a bifenthrin-based spray can last the entire summer.

The thing is, anti-bug repellents have a lasting residual. That means the insecticide will continue killing pests after the first spraying for some time — you won’t have to re-spray it too often.

Apart from mosquitoes, it also targets cockroaches, termites, aphids, fruit flies, cabbage maggots, lice, Mexican bean beetles, and so on.


Mosquitos love the shade as it helps them survive the daytime heat. You need to demolish their leafy and grassy ‘bunkers’ by regular trimming and lawn-mowing. Eventually, they’ll have no place to stay, being forced to leave the yard.

Bug Bulbs

Bug lightbulbs are tech know-how. They look like regular yellow-amber lights. But they also scare all sorts of bugs away — insects don’t like this spectrum of yellow, it seems. So, with such a bulb, you get a) illumination b) 30,000 hours of life-span c) coziness.


If you have a pond, inhabit it with fish — minnows, goldfish, mosquitofish, tilapia, etc. Mosquitos settle their nests in the water, and these fishies subsist on their larvae.


Your swimming pool, even a small one, can also become their base of operations. If the water stays still for a few days — mosquitoes will try to claim it. This is why you need to chlorinate standing water: the chemical makes the hydro-environment inhospitable to them.

Mosquito Dunks

These are like a guerilla weapon. Mosquito dunks don’t scare mosquitos off. They just kill the buzzy perps in their favorite habitats: gutters, mini-fountains, and so forth.


It’s funny, but mosquitoes are picky about clothes. They prefer Calvin Klein dark materials — it seems they can see them better. So, it’s recommended you wear something white-colored, with long sleeves — this will dramatically reduce the number of attacks and bites.


Some plants are natural insect repellents. So, you can try to make a natural repellent: lemon eucalyptus or lavender oil. And while it may sound like advice based on myth, these remedies seem effective. But only for a limited period of time due to short residual.


Mosquitoes rely on sensory information when targeting us: body odor and carbon dioxide that we exhale. So, there’s a cool tactic to trick them: install a fan (or fans) on the ground level.

First, it will disrupt the sensory info coming from our bodies. Mosquitoes will be confused about knowing whom to attack. Second, they aren’t very muscly by nature — a focused air stream will make their raids a challenge. Also, see more de-insecting tips here.


No More Bites

Follow our tips, and your summer will be saved from the buzzy disaster. Just remember to try every remedy from our list until you find one that suits you the best!







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