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Key Differences Between A Wok And A Regular Frying Pan

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cooking on frying pan

cooking on frying pan

Asian cookware became popular in Europe with the popularity of Chinese and Japanese cuisines. One such household item is the wok pan. From the exotic category, this Chinese invention gradually moved into the category of familiar kitchen utensils. What are the differences between the wok and a regular frying pan? Let’s find out!

Key Differences

The wok is a deep Chinese pan with one long or two handles. Unlike a conventional frying pan, its bottom is much smaller than the top. The classic item has a convex bottom: in the old days, this shape was convenient for placing a pan in a special hole in a charcoal oven. So, for example, modern wok pans Yosukata sold on are produced in various diameters but of the same shape. Meanwhile, the bottom of regular pans is often made even - such models are suitable for use on induction cookers. Each of these types of cookware has its own advantages:

  • a wok is more economical in terms of the use of fat;
  • an ordinary frying pan is more universal and allows you to cook most dishes according to classic recipes of European cuisine;
  • a wok can replace a regular pan in terms of functionality, while it is impossible to do vice versa.

Wok cooking involves constant stirring. Moreover, this process requires shaking and turning the dishes themselves. Due to the intensive stirring, the food requires less fat, which is why dishes cooked in a wok are considered more dietary. Frying takes place very quickly, due to which the products retain the maximum of useful substances.

Many housewives are wondering if it is possible to replace the wok with a frying pan. Experienced chefs believe that a complete replacement is impossible. An ordinary deep frying pan is quite suitable for frying and stewing, but you will not be able to achieve the effect that quick frying of food over high heat gives. To vigorously shake the contents of the dishes, you need a wok with a specific shape and a long handle.

food on frying pan

food on frying pan

Key Benefits of Cooking in a Wok

There are five main benefits of cooking in a wok that we can single out:

  • Fast cooking. The wok frying pan is an excellent purchase for those who value their time and resources. Cooking in such cookware takes no more than 10 minutes. This is very convenient if you do not want to stand near the stove all evening;
  • Healthy food. The ingredients are fried at high heat for 1-3 minutes, therefore they retain valuable nutrients and vitamins;
  • Diet meals. If you are cooking fatty meats, you do not need to use vegetable oil. For vegetables, one tablespoon of oil will be enough, so the dishes are low-fat;
  • Aromatic and crispy meals. Fast frying will give vegetables and meat a crispy crust that seals the juice inside. The result is juicy dishes;
  • Variety of functions. The wok can be used as a steamer, deep fryer, or soup pot.







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