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5 Kitchen Quartz Countertop Color Styles To Consider

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5 Kitchen Quartz Countertop Color Styles Ideas

Are you building a new kitchen or renovating? You need the best countertop slab that will handle anything you throw at it and stand the test of time.   

Quartz is the way to go, plus it’s becoming more popular than granite.  Many people like that it is durable & fashionable. And even if you are a bit lazy with the maintenance, the stone will still look great for many years to come. Plus, quartz slabs are cost-effective. 

You have numerous quartz countertops colors and patterns at your disposal. It might be time-consuming to sift through the options and find the best fit. We are here to help with that. So get ready to discover these 5 Kitchen quartz color styles.

1. Jet Black

5 Kitchen Quartz Countertop

jet black

If you view the slab from a few feet away, you might have the impression that it’s entirely black. Actually, it has a dark-gray base with jet-black freckles. White dots, “sparkles”, are also present. This makes it sparkling black quartz. 

Since it’s polished, you can expect that it will reflect and shine under bright lights. Something surprising is that jet-black is actually a very dark blue shade. 


Popularity & best use

If you have a large kitchen, this is the ideal slab to occupy all that space. Your kitchen will benefit by having a modern mid-century look, though it’s versatile with other styles.  

Its glossy surface pairs right up with a wide range of wood designs, and might especially look good with white kitchen cabinets. Stains and scratches are also well-concealed thanks to its glossiness. 

Many people have found it appealing, and it’s been widely used in commercial applications and small kitchens. 


2. Organic White 

5 Kitchen Quartz Countertop

organic white

Organic white quartz is more charming, relaxing, and warmer than pure white. It’s the color of the walls of a typical Greek traditional villa. The beauty of organic white is in its imperfections. The impurities are referred to as “freckles.” Freckles in organic white slabs have varying light-gray shades.


Popularity & best use by 5 Kitchen Quartz Countertop

White kitchen cabinets pair well with most white colors for quartz countertops. Great results will be also achieved with dark gray counters. 

It’s also great for small kitchens, as it gives the illusion of more space. If you’re shooting for a nautical scheme, this quartz color is something not to ignore. Choosing it instead of pure white may give you a less artificial and more natural look.  


3) Coastal Grey

5 Kitchen Quartz Countertop

coastal grey

Looking for the best quartz countertops that will pair well with natural wood cabinets? Well, coastal gray is a dark countertop color with intricate white veining. 

Each slab will have different patterns and looks, so it’s best to ask for samples before you order. The effect of coastal gray is classic, though it may be too busy for some people. 


Popularity & use

When you’re spending more time indoors during winter, this quartz color will make you reminiscent of the great outdoors. You can pair it with creamy-white cabinets, though it might lack enough contrast than a darker stone. However, the white color will complement the white veining in the slab. 

It’s also a great alternative if you want something lighter than Piatra Grey or Jet Black quartz. Plain subway tiles will offer a great backsplash for this countertop. You can read more about coastal grey and see more gallery photos of the m0st popular quartz countertop colors for kitchens. 


4) Moorland Fog

5 Kitchen Quartz Countertop

moorland fog

If you need quartz countertops colors that closely resemble natural marble, you can’t go wrong with Moorland fog, White Attica, and Empira White. 

Moorland is richer and darker. The base color is that of a creamy-gray limestone tile. It comes with a taupe gray overlay and swirling veins with earthy shades of brown.


Popularity & best use

Moorland Fog combines both modern and traditional tones. Thanks to its earthly feel and look, you can use it with cabinetry made from dark woods like red cherry, mahogany maple, dark cherry, etc. The result will be a warm, welcoming, luxurious, and classical space. Moorland Fog will also pair well with clean white cabinets. Its veining makes it ideal as a waterfall island counter.


5) Albero

5 Kitchen Quartz Countertop


Albero countertops are conversation starters. The design is neither simple nor minimalist, but more grand and classical. Where does the quartz get its strange look? 

It’s from petrified wood, with petrifaction being the process where wood gradually becomes stone due to the replacement of plant matter with mineral deposits. As a result, petrified wood usually has complex patterns. You can even see the tree rings as they were thousands of years ago.

 You get the full range of brown and tan earth tones. Delightful colors such as gold, yellow, orange, red, are all present in Albero. It oozes with history and character.  You might even find the occasional petrified insect such as a spider in an Albero countertop piece.


Popularity & best use

Creating a look of opulence is the best use of this exquisite countertop slab. Albero is one quartz design that will instantly draw attention to itself, and surprise anyone who has never beheld petrified wood. It might be the first item people spot when they walk into your kitchen. 

It’s best paired with neutral plain colors such as gray cabinets. Brown cabinets may also perform well when paired with Albero for a full broad natural look. If you don’t fancy a black, white and gold color scheme for your kitchen, using Albero as a countertop with white or black cabinetry may produce delightful results as Venetian gold often does. 


Final Thoughts on Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen quartz countertops will last for many years thanks to their unique properties like high surface hardness, non-porous surface, high resistance to acids, and more. There are durable and more cost effective than marble. Your surfaces will be extra-hard and polished straight from the shop. 







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