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Tips To Turn An Old Kitchen Into Something New

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Awesome Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Kitchen remodel ideas

Are you tired of the look of your old kitchen? Do you think it’s time to give it a much-needed makeover? You can bring your kitchen to the new millennium without having to overhaul it completely. A few fixes and upgrades can do wonders and give you a fresh-looking kitchen. All you need is to know where to start and what to include in your kitchen upgrade. You can even DIY a lot of upgrades with minimal help from experts. You’ll be having so much fun while stretching your creative juices.

Here are some tips to turn that old kitchen into something new:

Kitchen Renovation Ideas 

1. Give Your Old Kitchen Cabinets A New Look

When people step into a kitchen, the first thing they see are the cabinets. It’s important to keep your cabinets updated, since they are one of the focal points in the room. Quality cabinets also serve a functional purpose that allows for convenience.

Below are some ways you can refresh the look of your kitchen cabinets:

  • Apply A Fresh Coat Of Paint On Your Old Cabinets: Applying paint is one of the fastest ways to make your kitchen look new. You can repaint your cabinets with a fresh color of your choice. The important thing is to choose bright colors that will make your kitchen look brighter and more open. Your old kitchen may look dreary because of the dark paint on kitchen cabinets, but you can change this by choosing light colors of pastel or even shades of white.
  • Replace Cabinet Doors And Handles: Another way to upgrade the look of your kitchen cabinets is by totally removing the doors and installing new ones. For instance, modular kitchen cabinets can make your kitchen look more modern. Moreover, there are new designs of kitchen doors in the market today that have fixtures for easy opening and closing. You can also change the moldings in your kitchen cabinets or change the handles for some fresh-looking details.
  • Try Open Shelving: You can do away with cabinet doors altogether and install open shelving instead. This makes all your kitchen items easier to access. What’s more, open shelving can add some much-needed color in your kitchen with the array of multi-colored ceramic pieces you can display. If you go this route, however, it would be a good idea to keep the wall behind the shelf a plain color.

2. Remove The Upper Cabinets In Your Kitchen

Removing your upper cabinets is one of the many cheap kitchen renovation ideas you can try to update the look of your kitchen.

Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Kitchen remodel

Upper kitchen cabinets were a style of the past and can look quite outdated. Get a whole new modern look by removing your upper cabinets. Removing the upper cabinets will open up the space of your kitchen, making it look wider and more expansive. Moreover, removing the upper cabinets will make your kitchen look more open and brighter.

Besides, you probably rarely use these upper cabinets because of the hard-to-reach height. Instead of using that upper space for cabinets, you can hang wall ornaments, photos, or paintings to increase the charm and cheerful ambiance of your kitchen.

3. Get New Energy-Efficient Appliances

Kitchen Renovation Ideas


The main activity in your kitchen will revolve around your appliances, such as your fridge, stove, oven, and microwave. All these appliances use energy, and if you have an old kitchen, chances are the technology of your appliances will also be behind.

Why not trade in your old appliances for more energy-efficient options? Not only do you reduce your carbon footprint, but you’ll also be getting new, modern-looking appliances for your kitchen. These new appliances will be easier to use and can also reduce your utility bills. 


4. Install New Lights In Your Kitchen

Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Recessed lighting

Your kitchen should not only be squeaky clean at all times; it should also be well-lighted. There are new lighting options on the market today that are energy efficient and give your surroundings an elegant feel. Many lighting options won’t cost that much, so it’s a good idea to fix your kitchen’s lighting along with other upgrades and modifications.

Here are some lighting solutions you can try to update your kitchen’s look:

  • Lighting Under The Cabinets: Lighting under cabinets makes light accessible and easy to use. If you are going to prepare a midnight snack, you don’t have to switch on all the lights, which will cost more energy. A small light can help you prepare simple meals. These lights will be easy to switch on and off because they are accessible under the cabinets.
  • Recessed Lighting: You can install lighting in the recesses of your kitchen. This kind of lighting, like cabinet lighting, will look good at night when you don’t want the glare of full lights. Moreover, the recessed light will increase the elegant ambiance in your kitchen and give your kitchen a clean, spacious, and modern look.

5. Upgrade Your Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen Renovation Ideas


Much of the action in the kitchen happens on countertops, so this space should be upgraded with new material. If you are going to choose new material for your countertops, make sure it is sturdy, long-lasting, and can withstand the heat and spills that come with cooking. Consider quality material like concrete, steel, recycled glass, and slate. Think about your own aesthetics and see what fits you. Your choice should be both beautiful and practical.

6. Change Your Kitchen Floors

Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Kitchen Before Furniture

Is your kitchen floor dark and dreary looking? Is it worn out from years of use? Kitchens are the busiest areas of the house, and kitchen floors take the brunt of all this activity. Upgrade the look of your kitchen by tearing away old flooring and replacing it with new tiles to conform to modern aesthetics.

Stone material is a good choice for kitchen floors because it gives your kitchen a warm and homey feel, but it is also durable when it comes to spills and accidents. Ceramic is also another good choice. What’s more, ceramic-like stone is a good material because it doesn’t break easily and gives your kitchen a cozy feeling.

There’s a wide array of ceramic tiles that you can use to beautify and complement your kitchen. The choices are limitless.

Final Thoughts

Updating your kitchen shouldn’t be a hard task. In fact, it is an exciting venture because upgrading your kitchen means you will be so much more efficient at doing your kitchen chores. Decorating your kitchen is also a chance to express your creativity and design skills for an aesthetic that will please you, your family, and your guests.







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