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Everything You Need To Know About Quilted Bedspreads

Quilted Bedspreads

redesign rooms

redesign rooms

Choosing a quilted bedspread has never been an easy task. You need to be very careful while choosing the design, style, and color scheme of the quilted bedspread. If one wants to transform his room, changing the quilted bedspread and other accessories can help you with it.

They bring a dramatic change and play a vital role in transformation. Therefore, one needs to be careful while buying quilted bedspread. For this purpose, the first thing you need to know is the difference between the quilts, bedspread, and the quilted bedspread. 

Fabric material & filling material of all these elements are the same but vary in thickness and stitching style. Quilts are thicker and heavier than bedspreads. And quilted bedspread is thicker than the bedspread. Quilted bedspreads are made when quilts and bedspreads are merged.

There are so many materials used for making the quilted bedspreads, like acrylic, polyester, wool, cotton, down, and feathers. Quilted bedspread plays the same role as the quilts and bedspreads do and offer the warmth intermediate to that of quilts and bedspreads.  They are used in place of comforters and decorate the bedroom wall. They are an important part of the bedding.

Quilted bedspread pattern

The quilted bedspread is identified by their characteristic pattern. There are many quilting patterns available, only a few of them are used frequently. These patterns also vary with people's preferences. A few people like box pattern, winged square pattern, rectangular pattern, column pattern, or some like to go for multiple designs and therefore like to create a fusion of various patterns.

If you like to keep the minimalism then opt to the simple patterns, they are available easily and are easy to maintain. On the other hand, if you like the classic floral or complex patterns, they are a bit tough to find. Classical patterns are quite popular as they add more to the beauty of the room and make it look richer and loveable.


Stitching style of quilted bedspread

Quilted bedspreads have a unique stitching style. Thus stitching style offers neat and fine finishing and helps you to attain a luxurious look in the bedroom as well as living rooms. Box stitching is most widely used worldwide because it is simple and offers easy Maintainance. Moreover, the box stitching offers an elegant and highly sophisticated look.


Box stitched quilted bedspreads

The warmth of the quilted bedspread varies with the stitching style. In the box stitching, small pockets are stitched together such that they create a fluffy and thick look. The down and feathers are compressed enveloped in the boxes and cannot move. This halts the loaf creation inside the boxes and limits the insulation. That's is why box-stitched quilted bedspreads are preferred for summer.

NOTE: The warmth of the quilted bedspread can be increased by increasing the loft inside each box.


Baffle-stitched quilted bedspreads

Baffle stitching is another popular stitching style. In this style, small walls are created in each box, that keeps the padded materials high up and fills the air between them. It increases the thermal insulation of the quilted bedspreads and helps you warm yourself in cold and chilly nights. These bedspreads are expensive but they worth investing money.


Color scheme

Color schemes play an important role in designing and styling up your space. You can choose any of the colors from the color palette and mix various hues to bring beauty to your place. Colors bring liveliness and brightness to the room. Remember that color greatly impact the mental state of a person. Like white, sweet yellow, dusty pink, and duck egg Color create a soothing effect and makes you feel comfortable.

They also feel you home and help you make your room more pretty and gorgeous. On the other hand, dark hues like black, red, blue, and dark green are associated with passion, excitement, and coziness. They tend to give you a warming feel and help you have a sound sleep. The red color is not recommended for bedspreads, because they tend to excite you and stimulate the release of sleep hormones. Other than single colors, you can choose the multi-colored bedspreads as well to bring multi-color traffic to your space and create a unique look.



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