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Know The Best Practices For Land Clearing

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Land clearing can be added to your capabilities rather than outsourced. This work can keep your crews busy, keep your project on schedule, make your equipment more efficient, and save you money at the end of each project.

Mulchers, bulldozers, and excavators can all be used to clear land. Chainsaws and chainsaws are also options. Each style of land clearing has its advantages, but each has unique challenges. These are the most popular methods for clearing land:

  • Dozing and Grubbing
  • Burning
  • Hand Cleaning
  • Mulching


Dozing and Grubbing

This method of clearing land is fast and can cover large areas. However, this fast pace can leave large holes, leading to a messy, rough finish. For some situations, this finish can be acceptable. If you intend to use the land to pasture animals or for haying, you will need to return and bring in the dirt to fill the gaps.

This means that the speed you clear the material is quickly reduced, and the final pass is required to complete the task. You will end up with a huge pile of material that must be either hauled away or burned. This extra step can prove costly and time-consuming.



You can quickly clear your land with prescribed fire. This is a great way to clear land. There are some important considerations to make:

  • It is not possible to remove trees or other vegetation selectively.
  • Unwanted property damage can result from a fire out of control.
  • A fire’s heat can heat the ground enough to sterilize it, making it almost impossible to grow any plants for a while
  • This method of clearing is also effective in removing all ground cover, increasing erosion potential.

Although erosion is important, you should also consider the possibility that invasive vegetation could establish itself. It is difficult to stop the spread of invasive species once it has begun.


Clearing your hands

Hand clearing is the least intrusive way to clear your land. However, it can also take the longest. Handheld options are very specific and can be used with care. This is a great option if you aim to make a small area safe from fire dangers and build a house or another structure.



Mulchers are a great alternative to burning and grubbing. Mulching can be done with a disc mulcher or a drum mulcher. It can cut and process the vegetation effectively.

Mulching is a process that removes trees and underbrush as well as places organic matter back onto the ground. Mulch can be placed back on the ground where the vegetation was removed.

This creates a natural barrier to prevent regrowth and encourages the growth of natural vegetation. Mulch can be used to clear land and reduce the need for you to return and repair it.

You should consider the fact that clearing land is not an easy task. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for maintaining your land. To remove unwanted vegetation, it is essential to manage your land consistently and promptly.

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